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Long Shore Act Law Team

Attorney Alan Garfinkel, his son, legal clerk Bennett Garfinkel, and DBA attorney Brian Wiklendt, work together for clients around the world.

Long Shore Act Attorneys

Attorney Alan Garfinkel with Defense Base Act and Longshore Act Attorney Brian Wiklendt who will travel to meet with you anywhere in the U.S.

Defense Base Act Law Firm

Garfinkel Schwartz attorney Brian Wiklendt, law clerk Bennett Garfinkel and attorney Alan Garfinkel provide clients access to resources and research to help locate state-of-the-art medical care.

Garfinkel Schwartz is located in Maitland, Florida, a suburb of Orlando, Florida, and Titusville, Florida, just 30 minutes from Port Canaveral, Florida.

Alan and Bennet Garfinkel

Garfinkel Schwartz is a law firm named for attorney Alan Garfinkel (right) and in memoriam for attorney John M. Schwartz, who is law clerk Bennett Garfinkel’s grandfather.

Defense Base Act
& Longshore Act

Defense Base Act law firm Garfinkel Schwartz helps brave civilian contractors regain denied health care and benefits. If you were hurt working in Iraq, Afghanistan, any military war zone, call and talk to us. Garfinkel Schwartz takes U.S. Longshore Act cases. Helping One Family at a Time.

Garfinkel Schwartz: Defense Base Act Law Since 1976

Garfinkel Schwartz Defense Base Act Law“I got blown up in an IED.”
“I fell out of a helicopter.”
“I hurt my back working as a DoD contractor.”
“I took enemy fire in an ambush in Afghanistan.”
Burn pits ruined my lungs in Iraq.”
“I have PTSD and have to get help.”
“My benefits got cut off with no warning.”
“I have a TBI from an explosion in Kuwait.”

Garfinkel Schwartz, P.A., has practiced Longshore and Harbor Workers Act Law and Defense Base Act Law since 1976. We promise to return your phone calls right away and to give your case and your claim the immediate attention and respect it deserves. Garfinkel Schwartz is committed to helping one family, one person at a time.

The Defense Base Act law provides Department of Defense, U.S. government, and U.S. military base employees, civilian contractors free medical care, compensation and legal representation for injuries or illnesses that occurred on the job. Garfinkel Schwartz law firm DBA lawyers fight for your rights from the moment you become a client.

Garfinkel Schwartz is based in Maitland Florida and Cocoa Beach Florida and was founded by owner and attorney Alan Bennett Garfinkel, Esq., and in memoriam for deceased Titusville, Florida, attorney John M. Schwartz, Esq. Longshore law and Defense Base Act law is federal so we work with clients around the U.S. and the world.

Clients Around the World

Best DBA Lawyer FloridaGarfinkel Schwartz works with clients around the world and has clients on six continents. Civilian contractors who work in places including Afghanistan, Iraq, Africa, Asia, South China Sea, East China Sea, North Korea, Libya and Syria are exposed to dangers including Sand storms, IEDs, sniper fire, and constant hostility.

Injured contractors are flown to hospitals in Landstuhl Germany, Dubai, Kuwait, or Iraq. At the point of injury, you and your family should have a plan. Do not let an insurance company decide your medical care.

Work with a Defense Base Act attorney–which is always free–to monitor your case before an insurance company rep gets to you. Insurers want the cheapest possible health care, their choice of doctors or accepting less in benefits than the law allows. You have the right to choose your doctors and your health care options from your doctors.

Talk with Defense Base Act lawyer Brian Wiklendt and 30-year paralegal Doreen Cabral who will welcome you and walk you through the legal process–no matter where in the world you are. We can Skype or video conference, call or e-mail. No matter where in the world you are we can work with you.

Denied DBA or Longshore Claims?

Were you denied DBA or Longshore claims or benefits? Call Garfinkel Schwartz 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at: 800-393-2999. Our staff will take your contact information if Brian or Doreen can’t answer the phone. Either Doreen or Brian will call you back to answer your questions. E-mail Us: Brian@DefenseBaseActLaw.com Write to: Garfinkel Schwartz, 300 N Maitland Ave, Maitland, FL 32751 USA. We can also Skype or video conference with you.

Garfinkel Schwartz DBA LawWhat is PTSD? Read Our Series

Read our ongoing series about PTSD, post traumatic stress disorder, to learn more about what it is, what can be done to help someone who doesn’t want help, and how to get the best PTSD treatment and help.

Often, a person with PTSD refuses help and will not admit there is a problem. For families and friends, this is a difficult situation to be in.

Garfinkel Schwartz has many PTSD resources and will help you locate the very best PTSD doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists and specialists to help you, help your loved one.

There are many options for PTSD support including equine or canine therapy, yoga, virtual reality, world-renowned PTSD psychiatrists, centers, alternative and holistic PTSD care. Learn about how we Help One Family at a Time.

Defense Base Act Lawyer Brian Wiklendt

Defense Base Act Lawyer Brian WiklendtGarfinkel Schwartz defense base act lawyer Brian Wiklendt has been an attorney since 1996. Brian calls you back on weekends and evenings, works immediately on your claim. You’re first to be informed and you’ll know the case status because Brian prepares you for depositions, hearings, mediation, court dates, labor market surveys etc. You’ll know your case is always moving forward.

“I’m always actively pursuing the best possible outcome for the long-term and short-term interests of every client,” Brian said. “We inform our clients every step of the way.”

DBA Laws Will Prevail

“I get angry when I see what insurance companies and employers try to pull,” Brian said. “But I know that in the end that the DBA laws will prevail. Defense Base Act laws are straightforward: there’s an injury or illness and the client has to be compensated. I’ve seen all the tricks insurers pull, but when you’re hurt, sick or your loved one dies, the law is there to protect you. I’m there to help enforce it.

“Call me any time, any day and I’ll talk with you. If I can’t answer the phone, it’s because I’m in court, or in an airplane. But I listen to every message and I really will call you right back. I’m old-fashioned that way. I like talking more than sending an e-mail so when I see your phone number I’m giving you a call. I also like face-to-face meetings whenever possible because we’re going to be working together for a long time. I look forward to your call and can’t wait to meet you.” Meet DBA lawyer Brian Wiklendt.

We Advance Medical Evaluations

  • Garfinkel Schwartz Free Medical EvaluationsWe advance medical evaluations
  • You NEVER pay DBA or Longshore legal fees
  • We take NONE of your settlement
  • We advance medical evaluation costs and help you find top doctors

“We take our clients’ illnesses and injuries very seriously and very personally,” Garfinkel Schwartz founder and attorney Alan Garfinkel said. “We pay for your medical evaluations because you need proof you have a claim. And because we’ve been in your shoes. We know the disappointments that the insurance companies cause families. For mothers and fathers, sons, daughters, having a claim denied can be overwhelming.

Insurance Companies Love to Fight;We Make it a Fair Fight

“For many, many years, for my entire career I’ve taken on insurance companies and really it’s more than a David vs. Goliath situation. It’s really David vs. a multi-trillion dollar industry, “Alan said. “Insurance companies love to fight but we make it a fair fight.”

Insurers go up against one person, one family and overwhelm them with paperwork. These are multinational interests located worldwide, and frankly their interest is not in paying claims. Insurers make money by denying claims.

“And when they dig in their heels, well, sometimes insurance companies do the wrong thing. That’s why we take all the risks. It’s important that you, your family hires a good–no, the best Defense Base Act law firm possible. It doesn’t have to be our law firm, but it needs to be a law firm that will fight for you. We hope that’s our law firm because at Garfinkel Schwartz, we’re helping one family at a time. That’s why we advance client medical evaluations.”

Free Client Case Monitoring

Civilian Contractors DBA lawyer offers free case monitoringWhen you’re first injured and you’re airlifted to the closest hospital it may be Germany, Dubai or Kuwait, Asia or Africa. The insurance company rep seems nice, but they’re only concerned with keeping medical costs low. The DBA law covers you but an attorney usually has to ensure you’re getting what the law provides. Insurers will smile and tell you everything will be OK.

You want the best medical care. Insurance companies want the cheapest medical care. They hire the best attorneys in the world to deny your benefits. You have to fight them and hire an experienced DBA attorney to advocate for you in the hospital, for your compensation, and especially for your medical care.

We urge you to understand that every insurance company weapon will be used against you. And if they’re not denying your claims now, they certainly will deny you later. Learn about free case monitoring. 

Florida Longshore Act Law Firm for 40 Years

Our history as a Florida Longshore Act law firm spans 40 years helping longshoremen get health care and Cocoa Beach Longshore Lawyer Anchormonies due to them. If you’ve had an injury on the water, a death on U.S. waters, docks, on a ship or out on the coast, Garfinkel Schwartz is here to help you.

Garfinkel Schwartz fights insurance companies. But we work through the Longshore and Harbor Workers Act laws. Know your rights under the Longshore Act. 

The Longshore and Harbor Workers Act of 1927 provides injured dock, port, coast, ship, and longshoremen the right to health care and weekly compensation when injured at work.

The Defense Base Act of 1941 provides healthcare and financial compensation for civilian contractors, federal employees, injured or sick on the job working as Department of Defense contractor or sub-contractor of the U.S. government in countries including Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe, Central and South America. We work with clients around the world and we fly to meet you to get your case started.

Why We Fight: Our Promise to Our Clients

Many clients are former military who have served several tours of duty.

Garfinkel Schwartz is a fourth-generation law firm that’s fought some of the world’s largest insurance companies and Department of Defense employers. We’ve seen it all. We know insurers deny civilian contractor claims for PTSD, traumatic brain injuries, deaths, lost limbs, and ongoing illnesses.

“The fact that insurers can make decisions about who can be paid, who can be treated and what tests they are going to have…it’s criminal in my opinion,” attorney and founder Alan Garfinkel said. “We know what our clients are up against and we’re here to fight for you.

“Our promise to our clients is that all of your calls, your questions, your e-mails will always be answered as soon as possible with prompt, courteous response. You’ll receive the most compassionate representation in the industry because Garfinkel Schwartz is a very close knit law firm where you become a part of our family. And families…families take care of their own.”



how a DBA case begins

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Why Work With Us?

  • You Don’t Pay Legal Fees
  • Dept. of Labor Pays Fees
  • Upfront Medical Evals.
  • We Fly to You
  • Free Case Monitoring
  • You Choose Doctors
  • You Are Informed!
  • We Walk You Through
  • We Go to Your:
    • City to Meet You
    • Depositions
    • Mediations
    • Vocational Evaluations
    • Labor Market Surveys
    • Court Cases
  • Experienced Litigators
  • Defense Base Act Lawyers
  • Longshore Act Lawyers
  • 40 Years Helping Families

Was Your Claim Denied?

What should you do when an insurer denies your medical claim, a surgery, rehabilitation, prescription medicine, or benefits get cut in half or cut off?

When you become a client of Garfinkel Schwartz, we get started on your case right away. We create a plan to pursue your lost medical care, your diminished or your denied financial compensation. We fight for your best interests, the best doctors, the best care, new treatments, the latest medical discoveries and options.

The insurance companies will trick you. They’ll offer you their doctors, minimal treatments, cheaper medicine, low cost care and they’ll cut corners. That is not what the law provides. It’s the job of Garfinkel Schwartz to fight for your right to the very best health care and the compensation you deserve.

It becomes the job of the Garfinkel Schwartz law firm to convince the Department of Labor and your insurance company to give you what the Defense Base Act and the Longshore and Harbor Workers Act provide civilian contractors and longshoremen wherever they are, no matter where they’re from.

If you were injured or sick, you have rights. It’s OK if you’re tired of fighting, Garfinkel Schwartz will fight for you.

Ready to Get Started?

Call DBA lawyer Brian Wiklendt: 1-800-393-2999

  1. Tell us what happened
  2. Answer some questions
  3. We take cases we believe
  4. We send intake package
  5. You receive the package
  6. You sign intake package
  7. Ship package to us
  8. Signed package starts case
  9. Set day & place to meet
  10. Brian flies to meet you
  11. We set dates & plans
  12. We find best doctors
  13. We pre-pay medical evaluations
  14. Informal conference set
  15. Judge hearing if needed
  16. Discovery period on case
  17. Depositions
  18. Labor Market Surveys
  19. Case May Settle
  20. Case May Go to Trial
  21. Feel overwhelmed?
  22. Call Doreen & Brian
  23. We always call back
  24. We always make time
  25. We listen to you
  26. Calls 100% confidential

Why Claims Are Denied

  • If insurance companies pay claims they lose money.
  • From Day One of your injury or illness, that friendly insurance company rep is there to get you to their doctors who work for their interests.
  • The insurance company has a right to suggest doctors but you don’t have to use them so STOP!
  • You deserve the best medical care. Call a DBA lawyer because you have the right to choose the best doctor.
  • We’ve seen insurers try every trick in the book to fight and deny claims.
  • You may need medical care and benefits for the rest of your life. Turn to Garfinkel Schwartz and let us fight for you. It’s our promise that we help…One Family at a Time.


If you’re injured or if you have been cutoff financially by an insurer you should call Garfinkel Schwartz to begin the process of talking about your Defense Base Act case or your Longshore Act case. Garfinkel Schwartz will do everything possible to give all our clients superior legal service.

We start by providing you with the communication that we would want if we were the client or if we were the patient. We’ll answer all your phone calls and voicemails and we’ll respond promptly to your e-mails. When you call 1-800-393-2999 we answer 24 hours a day.

During business hours 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST, you’ll be able to speak with paralegal Doreen Cabral or lead counsel Defense Base Act attorney Brian Wiklendt. Brian will ask you questions and listen carefully to your answers. He knows laws, procedures, the ins and outs of cases and he wants to know what happened to you. Brian wants to know what you’ve been through and how he might help you.

Since 1976, Garfinkel Schwartz has fought for clients’ rights because our clients have been through so much already. We provide you with the care and attention that you deserve.

If you decide that you want to be our client, we’re going to check in with you regularly to ask what we could do better to provide the legal support that you and your family need and that you expect from us.

And if it’s not our law firm, then it should be another law firm with experience in these very specific practice areas. We just ask that you talk to someone to begin getting help that you need.

why-we-care WHY WE CARE

Garfinkel Schwartz, P.A. was founded in 1976 with medical advocacy and a commitment to supporting civilian contractors and longshoremen. Many clients are private military contractors working overseas for the U.S. Department of Defense as military sub-contractors. Our clients are longshoremen working on our nation’s waterways, docks, ports, and ships.

Lead counsel Brian Wiklendt works on behalf of DBA and Longshore clients in Florida and across the country, and around the globe. Founder of Garfinkel Schwartz, Attorney Alan Garfinkel, knows the challenges a health issue can have on a family. Alan’s son Bennett Garfinkel, a medical researcher and legal assistant with the firm, lives with chronic pain after five spinal surgeries in eight years.

Garfinkel Schwartz focuses on regaining denied medical insurance claims, coverage and compensation so important to contractors and longshoremen who are covered under the Longshore Act and the Defense Base Act.

Garfinkel Schwartz is an historically military-centric firm with service by Alan Garfinkel’s father and grandfather who fought honorably in World War I and II; John M. Schwartz, Esq., was a Vietnam veteran. DBA and Longshore Act lawyer Schwartz was Alan’s father-in-law with whom Alan worked in the Titusville, FL; Orlando, FL; Cocoa Village, FL; Cape Canaveral, FL; Fernandina Beach, FL offices.

Garfinkel Schwartz, a Defense Base Act and Longshore Act law firm is a family legacy carried on in Schwartz’s honor posthumously. It is a heartfelt promise that Garfinkel Schwartz helps one family at a time.

medical-issues MEDICAL ISSUES

Garfinkel Schwartz defends the rights of DBA civilian contractors and longshoremen denied medical care and financial compensation. If you feel that you have a claim, call us, talk with us, tell us what happened and meet with us. We’ll take on your fight against the insurance companies who turned you down for medical care, prescriptions, treatments, surgery, rehabilitation, and compensation.

Garfinkel Schwartz will:

  • Advance initial medical evaluation costs for you
  • Come to you to meet with you in person
  • Takes all the risks and never charges clients for legal fees

Garfinkel Schwartz pursues denied medical benefits and compensation under the Defense Base Act for civilian contractors facing health issues including traumatic brain injury, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), hearing loss, respiratory damage, mystery illnesses from working overseas.

The Longshore and Harbor Workers Act protects longshoremen who get hurt building ships, working in ports, unloading holds on docks, and U.S. federal waterways and coasts in places like Port Canaveral, Florida, Jacksonville, Tampa and other Florida ports.

We have all been patients and at Garfinkel Schwartz we try to put ourselves in the shoes of our clients and their families that support them, attorney Brian Wiklendt said. We are working with folks who have been in the medical system for so long that they have given up hope. We ask you to hold on, give us the chance to help you.