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A Day in the Life of a DBA Attorney: We Call You ASAP

When You Call Us, We Call You ASAP

Hi, I’m attorney Brian Wiklendt and my paralegal Doreen Cabral wanted to talk to you about the importance we place on keeping your phone calls and your conversations with us confidential and private and when you call us, we call you ASAP.

If you talk to anyone on our 24 hour 1-800 number, your name, your identity, your phone and your e-mail and information are kept confidential.

Doreen said and I wanted to mention to you that one of the gentlemen who called me from overseas was a little concerned that possibly his employer would find out that he was filing a potential DBA claim against them. Doreen told him that I would speak to him and that I would get back to him concerning that issue.

And I mean that definitely if you call no matter where you are, I will call you back. This man who called was over in Afghanistan.

OK some if some of our clients or our potential clients that are in Afghanistan or in small little camps in the middle of the mountains that are not part of the large base where they would be in where it’s more like Americanized.

If they’re in one of those areas, and are worried about that then you can tell them that any time you’re talking with an attorney whether or not they sign up with us or not, it still is attorney client privilege and I’m bound to not talk about anything that’s said of any substance on a telephone call.

If he’s still worried about that and he’s on his way home, it might be if he wants to do that, as long as he files his claim on time within 30 days of the injury. That paperwork is OK.

Then he can wait until he gets to a neutral place like Germany or Kuwait or somewhere like that and then we can talk more we can always do Skype if he wants to see my face or things like that.

We do have clients as you know obviously from Turkey and that are very remote and they don’t speak English and you saw how we handled that.

We got an intermediary who does translations and makes them comfortable with us. So we can do that too if the person is not American.

But I think this guy is probably if we just ask is probably in one of those remote places and is using all company-owned stuff so we can be generalized.

He can call me on my cell phone any time that he’s somewhere where it’s secure.

Or he can just, he might want to wait until he gets to a neutral location or back to the United States. No harm in that as long as he filed the claim on time.

OK I’ll give him a call back sounds good.