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Are Respiratory Illnesses Caused by Burn Pits?

Garfinkel Schwartz helps contractors with lung problems

Did burn pits cause civilian contractor lung problems?

Civilian military contractors who served overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan war zones are asking: “Are respiratory illnesses caused by burn pits?”

Garfinkel Schwartz DBA law firm suggests that any civilian contractor affected by respiratory or lung illness who was exposed to burn pits overseas get legal representation. The medical support and care isn’t clear for civilian contractors who are not tested or provided medical support the same way that military veterans are cared for.

Garfinkel Schwartz Can Help You

Civilian contractors have to seek help on their own and Garfinkel Schwartz asks that contractors or their loved ones call and e-mail the law firm to help get the necessary medical tests to identify lung, respiratory or breathing illnesses.

The Defense Base Act law covers contractors who are sick or who have been injured overseas serving our country as a Department of Defense military sub-contractor.

If you need help getting medical care and benefits for lung and respiratory problems, don’t wait to find out what your doctor says. He or she may not know without specific tests what’s going on. COPD is often the inadvertent diagnosis.

Doctors Identify Cause of Lung Problems

Horrific, life-threatening lung and respiratory illnesses among veterans have been identified by doctors who tested air at Camp Victory in Iraq according to CBS News, USA Today, Stripes.com, BurnPits360.org and many other media outlets.

The media stories have documented the health issues associated with very severe respiratory illness which are alleged to have been caused by exposure to burn pits in Iraq and Afghanistan military conflicts.

Burn pits are massive waste disposal pits created outside of military bases where troops burned trash from U.S. military bases. Trash was burned without any regard for its toxicity that included metal, body parts, plastic, batteries, trash, human waste and anything that was not to be left behind in the deserts of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Soldiers barracks were located yards away from the burn pits which burned around the clock at some of the larger military bases.

How Much Waste in Burn Pits?

To give you an idea of the amount of waste generated by one military base, according to Wikipedia, Joint Base Balad burned 147 tons of waste per day in summer 2008.

The dust in the air is alleged to be the cause of respiratory disease among deployed troops according to a report in 2013 on the website U.S. Medicine.

Lung and respiratory mystery sickness is a concern for any civilian military contractors and Department of Defense sub-contractors working overseas as private military contractors in war zones.

Burn pits, which are now outlawed, may be the cause of lung damage and respiratory illnesses that formerly healthy civilian contractors and U.S. troops and veterans were exposed to while serving overseas in Iraq, Afghanistan.

Burn Pit Registry and Specific Conflicts

The Veterans Administration began a burn pit registry and an independent organization called BurnPits360.org began registry of individuals who became sick with respiratory illnesses after serving in the following military conflicts:

  • Operation Enduring Freedom/Operation Iraqi Freedom/Operation New Dawn
  • Djibouti, on or after September 11, 2001
  • Operations Desert Shield or Desert Storm
  • Southwest Asia theater of operations on or after August 2, 1990

Garfinkel Schwartz is committed to helping civilian contractors to receive medical benefits and health care after being injured or after getting sick from working overseas in war zones for the Department of Defense, the Department of Labor, as U.S. Government sub-contractors.

The Defense Base Act Law covers medical care and compensation for civilian military contractors, however, the challenge for contractors is proving that the illness was caused from exposure to burn pits.

“You don’t have to work with us,” said Brian Wiklendt, Garfinkel Schwartz lead counsel. “But we recommend that you do work with an attorney who knows the Defense Base Act law and who has experience in the Defense Base Act. This is a very specific area of law and very few lawyers are even aware of the practice.

“The biggest challenge,” Wiklendt said, “is your ability to prove that the lung or respiratory problems you have are caused by exposure to burn pits from time spent overseas.

“We’re working with clients who have been in Iraq and Afghanistan and who as clients are now able to get someone to fight for them. We fight for you while you recover and we pay for client medical evaluations.”

Garfinkel Schwartz Pays for Client Medical Evaluations

Garfinkel Schwartz makes a commitment to all clients that client medical evaluations are covered…that you will not pay for the medical evaluations.

“If you are a civilian contractor and you become a client, you’ll receive help from us to identify the doctors and medical specialists who can help to test you, to find out if your lung or respiratory illness may have been caused due to exposure to burn pits overseas,” Wiklendt said.

Attorney Brian Wiklendt explains that becoming a client of Garfinkel Schwartz is a straightforward process and that it begins with a phone call to the 24-hour phone line 1-800-393-2999.