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Brian and Doreen Will Always Find a Way to Help You

DBA Law Garfinkel Schwartz flagHi this is Brian Wiklendt. it’s my casual day here at Garfinkel Schwartz in Maitland Florida and I, Brian, and Doreen, will always find a way to help you.

You might have been injured in Afghanistan, hurt in Iraq, another country that security clearance won’t let you say, but that’s OK because we know what to do when you call. Or when a loved one calls for you.

I’m upstairs here in my office and I’m kind of rejuvenating after I was on some client trips.  I’m getting ready to go back out of town next week. But I’m always available to talk with you.

So I thought I’d just come to you in my casualness and just explain to you about the first person that you’ll probably ever talk to or e-mail or correspond with her name is Doreen Cabral. She’s probably going to answer the phone when you call.

Doreen is Our Paralegal

Doreen’s my paralegal and she takes care of everything. A very organized person while I’m traveling and Doreen Cabral Garfinkel Schwartz Paralegalmeeting clients all around the nation.

I trust her 100 percent. She and I both have a kind of a unique background because she’s been in the legal field for 34 years.

And for a decent portion of that time she worked for firms that represented insurance companies.

And for a decent of my 19 and a half year career as a lawyer I represented insurance companies and self-insured companies. And I was in-house counsel for an insurance company.

And so we have a very very large a large database of all the tricks that they do to try to stop people getting the fair value of their claim.

I do have other videos that attest to that. But I just wanted to let you know that when you call this place, Doreen will return your calls immediately pretty much.

She’s always working and we forward our calls to her cell phone if I’m out of town or on a plane.

24-Hour Answering Service is Live

We have a 24-hour answering service that’s live. So probably within—I get everything on my phone so as soon as I see something that’s troubled that needs some help and needs some questions answered I usually as soon as I get off the plane or get a little break, either I or Doreen call you back and e-mail you and call you and e-mail and try to setup a time to spend some time initially to see what you issues are.

So I just wanted you to get a little bit of a feel for what we do here.

We Do Not Like Insurance Companies

And how hard we work and why we do it. We despise the insurance companies and that’s just the way it is.

So if you have any questions at all please contact us, Doreen will probably be your first point of contact. And she knows always 24 hours a day how to find me and so please don’t hesitate to call.

Every Question is a Good Question

There are no stupid questions because this law is very very complicated. And we think that we have sort of taken special interest in this area of law for a while so I think we can answer just about any of your questions.

And then I know this is an important time in your life if you’re injured overseas and don’t know what to do, it just can’t hurt you to call a lawyer.

It doesn’t cost any money to call us. It doesn’t cost any money ever to you. If we don’t get benefits, then we took the risk with you.

And if we do get you benefits, we get paid separately from the insurance company based on my hourly rate and based on how many hours I’ve put it in on your claim.

Completely separate, no percentage, no contingency, no hourly rate that you would have to pay. It’s the insurance company that has to. So there’s really no reason why you wouldn’t pick up the phone.

If you think the questions are menial—they’re usually not. And we can get through this together.

So please call. If you don’t call me please call an attorney that specializes in Defense Base Act and Longshore Law. There aren’t many of us out there that completely specialize in that and know how to go about it.

Insurance Companies Play a Lot of Tricks

The insurance companies play a lot of tricks and Doreen and I know all of them. So, hopefully this helps. Hopefully if you are injured if you have been injured or you’re just sort of perusing the internet, if you need me you know how to find me and Doreen.

Thanks for your concerns and thanks for watching and I hope you’re healthy and you don’t ever have to talk to a DBA attorney. But if you do then I’ll be happy to help, that’s what I do.

Again this is Brian Wiklendt from Garfinkel Schwartz upstairs in the Maitland office. Thank you.