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Brian Talks about U.S. Client Trips

Hi. This is Brian Wiklendt. I’m here at Garfinkel Schwartz in our Maitland Florida office which is a suburb of Orlando. I’m here casual today because I’ve been traveling. I just wanted to update everybody on where I go and what I do. As a Defense Base Act attorney, I really pride myself on going to meet my clients wherever they are in person. Especially during big events like depositions and things like that. I just feel that it’s the right thing to do, instead of doing it by telephone or Skype, to go and visit the family and get to know people in person whether that’s in a hotel room or a restaurant or in the person’s home. It’s really nice. I get to meet people in their own environment and I get to have some fun along the way.

Brian Talks about U.S. Client Trips

excellent dba attorney GreenlandA couple stories I have from my last couple of trips. I’ve been to Louisiana, all over Louisiana, over the last few weeks for different depositions and doctor’s testimony and things like that. All the way spanning from Monroe, Louisiana down to Baton Rouge and everywhere in between. I really enjoy new food. I guess I consider myself a foodie. I like to get different foods from wherever I go. This time I found boudin balls. I guess I was on the road in Alexandria Louisiana stopped at a little place boudin balls are like spicy pretty cool, like pork and rice type situation with Cajun spices and stuff. I never had it before. They were really good. So now I’m on the on the verge of looking for boudin balls here in Orlando and I don’t know if I’m going to be able to find them or not. But that was kind of cool.

We Travel to Where You Are

I also was in Austin, Texas recently and I went to the Lonesome Dove. What I like to do is I like to go to the happy hour stuff with the little bites and things they have instead of an expensive dinner that I probably pretty much can’t afford. But I went to an appetizer thing and I had wild boar ribs which were just fantastic. They tasted like wood smoke delicious super juicy excellent.

I also was in Chicago. I did the usual. I went to Giordano’s and got deep dish pizza which, obviously, I like a lot, but coming from Pittsburgh, PA I’m kind of in between Chicago and New York style. I like them both equally pretty much.

Defense Base Act Clients in Florida

I’ve been to a bunch of other places in the last few months. Mostly I’ve been centering around Florida. I just had a lot of cases come up all around Florida all the way from Miami to Tallahassee, up and down the east and west coast. And, so I’ve been traveling by car mostly the last couple of months. And just wanted to share with you a couple of things that I’ve seen throughout my travels and the foods that I like to eat.

Different Clients Have Different Needs

defense contractors nevadaAnd what I’d like to share with you is when we’re talking about things like this and my enjoyment of food and its really more family. It’s more getting to know the family and understanding what their needs are and some people have a lot of different types of needs. Some people when we’re trying to settle a case are looking at trying to, you know, maybe pay the mortgage off on their home. Other people you know want to want to build a farm, other people want to flip houses. Things that they can do physically, that they can do because of their disabilities they can’t do much physical labor, so they they’re trying to get on with their lives and do something new and different. And getting to know people in person you get to know what their interests are like me and my interest in food.

Just a little tidbit. Give us a call any time you need us. Thanks very much. Take care.