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Brian Wiklendt DBA Contractor Checklist

Hi this is Brian Wiklendt with Garfinkel Schwartz. I’m here in our Maitland Florida office today which is a suburb of Orlando getting ready for the Memorial Day holiday of which over 100,000 people come to the MegaCon conference near where I live. So, I’ll be stuck in my house in near my pool probably most of the time where the tourists are all running around.

Brian Wiklendt DBA Contractor Checklist

defense base act contractors chinaBut I’m coming to you today because one of my clients dropped off, just as a courtesy, what’s called a contractor deployment checklist. The contractor checklist has all kinds of things along with the contract and things to watch out for, but nothing about contacting a DBA attorney before deploying.

And, of course, me being me, the first thing I saw was there’s nothing about an attorney in there. It doesn’t say anything about you should probably consult an attorney beforehand. You expect to be safe there but obviously, you’re going to a dangerous area of the world and although you don’t want to really think about it , when you’re going over there bad things can happen and you should be prepared for them. So, of course the company checklist is not going to say talk to an attorney beforehand, before you go there to know your rights, but I would say that that should be number one on the checklist, actually.

Your Rights Under the Defense Base Act Law

And if you don’t really care and you don’t want to think about negatives and potentially being injured, I understand that but it really can’t hurt to call an attorney that specializes in Defense Base Act law so that you know what your rights are. You know how to get out of there if you need to, you know how to file the forms and what you need to do so you can preserve your claim and you know how to get out of harm’s way.

Why Contact a DBA Attorney?

top dba attorney New HampshireIf you’re not willing to do it and you know you’re excited to go over there and help America, I totally understand that, but maybe do it for your family or have your family member call an attorney that does Defense Base Act work. You can always call me for free any time and I can just explain to you what you’re getting into, if you get injured what you should do. And you know hoping that you don’t, but if you do then you’re covered and you know what doctors you should go to right offhand, up front before someone like an insurance adjuster or a nurse case manager or someone starts making medical decisions on your behalf while you’re overseas in a in a foreign country. That could be scary. That could be bad.

Questions Defense Contractors Should Ask

And you know like I said it’s free so just contact a Defense Base Act attorney even if it’s not me. Tell them hey I’m going overseas.

  • What do what I look out for?
  • What happens if I get injured?
  • How do I handle myself?
  • How do I get out of the country?
  • What forms do I fill out?
  • How do I get access to a doctor that I choose instead of the company or the insurance company?

And it really helps. I mean there’s so many clients that said if I would have known that beforehand every everything would’ve gone so much more smoothly and I would’ve been much less stressed out and I probably would’ve got better treatment faster and I probably would be better off than I am today.

Working as a Contractor Overseas is Serious

So, it is serious. If it’s not in your little checklist of things when you go overseas make sure you manually put it in there for yourself and contact an attorney or at least have an attorney’s name and website and phone number for your family and for you if something happens.

Prepare Yourself – Know Your Rights

It’s always best to be overly prepared and expecting the worst when hopefully nothing bad will happen. But that’s a little tidbit that I got just because my client sent me that and showed it to me and I was like wow they really you know people don’t really explain what your rights are if you get hurt. And that’s obviously a big possibility going into a danger zone.

So, again Brian Wiklendt. I hope you take this advice. You can call me any time 24 hours a day. I have an answering service and I’ll get back to you with any kind of questions. There’s no questions that are dumb questions in my mind. So please get ready prepare yourself and good luck and be safe and I’m always here. Take care. Thanks. Bye.