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Camp Victory Burn Pits Concerns One Year Later

Nearly one year ago, in June 2014, USA Today reported documented health issues associated with respiratory illness allegedly caused by exposure to Camp Victory burn pits in Iraq.

Lung illnesses identified by doctors who tested the air quality at Camp Victory in Iraq are a concern for any civilian military contractors and Department of Defense sub-contractors working overseas as private military contractors in war zones.

Burn pits, now outlawed, may be the cause of lung damage and respiratory illnesses among formerly healthy civilian contractors. U.S. troops and veterans are alleged to have been exposed to while serving overseas in Iraq. Civilian contractors served in the same locations.

Garfinkel Schwartz represents civilian contractors and helps by pursuing denied medical benefits and health care after injury or illness from working overseas in war zones in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere.

If you were a military contractor hired by a sub-contractor of the Department of Defense, the Department of Labor, you might be able to pursue medical and financial benefits.

The Defense Base Act Law covers medical care and compensation for civilian military contractors. The challenge for military contractors is proving that an illness was caused due to exposure to burn pits in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Any civilian contractor who served in Camp Victory, or another military base in Iraq or Afghanistan and who now has a respiratory or lung illness is encouraged to get legal representation

“You don’t have to work with us,” said Brian Wiklendt, Garfinkel Schwartz lead counsel. “But as we alway say, work with an attorney who knows and has experience in Defense Base Act law.

“Your lawyer is your key to your ability to prove lung or respiratory problems you have were caused due to exposure to burn pits in places like Camp Victory. We’re working with clients who have been in Iraq and Afghanistan. That’s what we do: We fight for you while you recover. We help by paying for client medical evaluations.”

Garfinkel Schwartz makes a commitment to all clients that client medical evaluations are covered…that you will not pay for the medical evaluations.

“If you are a civilian contractor and you become a client, you’ll receive help from us to identify the doctors and medical specialists who can help to test you. You can find out if your lung or respiratory illness may have been caused due to exposure to burn pits overseas,” Wiklendt said.

Attorney Brian Wiklendt explains how to become a client of Garfinkel Schwartz:

Garfinkel Schwartz Client Intake Process

1. Call us at 1-800-393-2999. You will speak with Doreen or Brian during work hours. If we cannot answer the phone, a live person in America will answer the phone. The will take your information in confidence, in private.
Then, that answering service will get in touch with Brian or Doreen

2. We need a phone number or e-mail so that we may return your call or contact. You will hear from Brian or Doreen as soon as possible.

3. Brian or Doreen will do a private interview, fully confidential, even if you are only gathering information, we keep all your contact private.

a. Take your time and tel us what happened to you and what your situation is now.
b. This may take 30 minutes or less, or it may take an hour–whatever amount of time it takes for you to explain what happened to you

4. Brian Wiklendt, will review your case, and Doreen will send a client packet to you by e-mail or by mail.

5. You receive the packet and must complete the paperwork.

a. If you need help or get confused, call us and we’ll help you with paperwork.

6. When you’re done with paperwork, you’ll need to sign paperwork and send it back to us.

7. We review your case upon receipt of all your paperwork

8. We tell you as quickly as possible, without any hesitancy, whether Garfinkel Schwartz will take on your case.

9. Upon acceptance as a client, we begin working with you to help get you the medical care, compensation, and all benefits that you are due under the Defense Base Act Law.

At Garfinkel Schwartz, you’re a part of the family. We’re committed to helping one family at a time.

When a civilian contractor comes home from working overseas in Iraq or Afghanistan whether due to injury, illness or end of contract, the first thing that you should do is to consult with a Defense Base Act (DBA) lawyer.

It doesn’t matter if there is not an attorney near you. The Defense Base Act is a Federal law. You may choose a lawyer anywhere and that attorney will come to you. WE fly to our clients wherever they are. You stay home, get well in the hospital. We’ll come to you. We may need to make special arrangements if you’re not comfortable with us coming to your home or your hospital room. But we can tell you we do it all the time and we’re going to visit you where you want to meet.

Rehab, treatments, surgery, prescriptions that you may need and rely on are often cut off. Compensation stops suddenly, and civilian contractors are left to fight for their rights, alone.

Garfinkel Schwartz has compassion for the pain and struggle that our nation’s forgotten warriors, our silent soldiers, have heroically served and fought for our country overseas.

Fortunately, the Defense Base Act Law protects civilian contractors who work overseas in war zones.

Garfinkel Schwartz, P.A., is an experienced law firm practicing Defense Base Act and Longshore Act law since 1976.

You may be receiving money and medical care from an insurer. But one day, the insurance company will deny a surgery, medicine, treatment you desperately need. We will be here to help if this happens.

Our offices are located in Maitland, Florida, and Cocoa Beach, Florida. But we fly to our clients all over the country.
Please call us and we’ll find out what happened to you.