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Civilian Contractor Update: Libya

Libya defense base act lawHi this is What I do is I focus on Defense Base Act cases and that involves overseas civilian contractors. So I basically go all across the United States wherever my clients may be. The reason I’m coming to you today is because what I like to do is research on potential upcoming conflicts around the world.

And where potential contractors might need to be and what type of harm they might be involved in and so they can protect themselves ahead of time before they actually go to these places.

Civilian Contractor Update: Libya

Libya is the country and the conflict and the civil war and the thing that I’d like to talk about right now. As 2016 winds down conflicts and stuff don’t go away for the holidays they actually are continuing to escalate especially in Libya over the last several weeks.

There are about 5,000 troops from foreign countries joining NATO-led efforts to fight ISIS in Liby. Fierce fighting against ISIS accelerated in late fall 2016 in the northern coastal city of Sirte.

But this week, Libya’s unity government is said to have ousted the last of jihadists ending the Islamic State’s presence from what was a stronghold. Libya became troubled after the 2011 killing of dictator Muammar Gadhafi.

Now, Libya is split into two parallel governments, with a range of tribes and militia fighting for power, which means the North African country is completely unstable.

The self-proclaimed Islamic State, or ISIS, has complicated a power struggle between the rival governments, the United Nations-backed Government of National Accord and the General National Congress.

The United States has been increasing its air strikes this fall against ISIS targets in Libya, though the U.S. has a limited number of troops on the ground providing logistics and intelligence support, say multiple news sources.

The Washington Post has reported that U.S. elite joint special operations forces could potentially be sent to target ISIS in Libya. More than 400,000 people have been displaced in Libya.

Fight is to Control Oil Fields & ISIS

The fighting is not just about power to control government or defeat ISIS; the various factions also want control over Libya’s vast oil fields.

Know DBA Law Before You Go to Libya

Whether it’s Libya, or anywhere else in the world, if you’re a contractor, you really need to talk to a Defense Base lawyer before you go to work.

It’s good to have the backup contact for you and your family so should anything happen in these war area zones you know exactly what to do and what your rights are and how to get out of the country.

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Again please contact me anytime, again this is Brian, I can be contacted through my website or you can contact the office directly. We have a 24-hour answering service in case your in a different time zone and I’ll be glad to return the call as soon as possible need it and I’ll be glad to talk to you for free about what your rights are before you go over there.

Or if you’re in harm’s way already it’s always good to know what your rights are during through the process. Again I’ll help you with that as well. Good luck, stay safe and thank you for your service.