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Civilian Contractor Update Nigeria

Nigeria defense base act lawHi I’m Brian Wiklendt, lead counsel for Florida law firm Garfinkel Schwartz located right near Orlando Florida.

Civilian Contractor Update Nigeria

I’m going to give an update on the world conflicts and civilian contractor update on Nigeria because there’s a chance that because there’s a conflict that at some point U.S. troops could become involved.

We like to keep up with world conflicts so that we understand and know where civilian contractors might have to go next.

The U.S. has provided military assistance such as training and equipment to the Nigerian government though it’s not known how many U.S. personnel are in the country.

Defense Base Act Law Covers You in Nigeria

I think that before you go to any country that you need to ask questions and get answers from an attorney who knows the Defense Base Act law. You could be going into a third-world country, and you don’t know the level of medical care available. It’s also important need to know your rights because if you don’t, it’s your employer’s insurance company who decides your health care.

Boko Haram in Nigeria

So let’s talk about the largest crisis in Africa, which according to the U.N. is in Nigeria where a seven-year-old conflict between the government and the terrorist group Boko Haram continues.

You might remember that the Boko Haram gained international notoriety in 2014 when it kidnapped 276 schoolgirls. Nigeria is Africa’s largest oil producer and Boko Haram has sabotaged oil pipelines in the south of the country.

47,000 Killed, 2 Million Displaced

It’s estimated that 47,000 people have been killed in the fighting in the last five years and news reports in early December said more than 120,000 children are in danger of starving. More than 2 million people have been displaced because of the conflict.

Nigeria’s government says Boko Haram’s strength is weakening partly because it has fractured into two groups with one declaring an allegiance to ISIS. Media reports say Boko Haram is losing territory but its guerilla tactics and suicide attacks are sure to cause problems for the government and even neighboring countries in Africa for a long time to come.

Keep an Eye on Nigeria

The U.S. has not placed as much emphasis on Nigeria because the U.S. has been more worried about Syria and Iraq but Nigeria’s importance to Africa and as a source of oil makes it worth watching.

As lead counsel with Garfinkel Schwartz, I will help you know your rights under the Defense Base Act if you’re working in or near any of these countries.

Whether you’re going to Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, the Ukraine, Nigeria or anywhere else in the world, if you’re a contractor, you really need to talk with an attorney so that you’ll understand your rights as a contractor. If you don’t, it’s your employer’s insurance company who decides your health care.