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Civilian Contractor Update Ukraine

civilian contractor update ukraineHi, I’m Brian Wiklendt coming to you from Garfinkel Schwartz in our Maitland Florida office. We also have offices in Cocoa Beach, Florida here to give you the civilian contractor update Ukraine.

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As 2016 winds down, we know that wars don’t stop for the holidays and that our clients and potential clients often are sent to confidential locations. Let’s take a look at the world conflicts on our radar. Right now I want to talk to you about Ukraine.

We’ve summarized information from news articles, government sources, and civilian contractor update for you with sources from the Department of Defense, impartial world new sources that study world wars and conflicts. The Ukraine is a divided country following a crisis that began in early 2014.

Leadership Challenges in Ukraine

At that time, violent protests over the then Ukrainian president’s decision to reject a deal for greater integration into the European Union forced him to flee the country. Current President Petro Poroshenko eventually assumed office.

Meanwhile, on Ukraine’s eastern border, Russian troops invaded in 2014 and took control of the Crimean Peninsula. The Russian government formally annexed the area after Crimeans voted to join the Russian Federation. Western powers have not recognized the Crimean annexation as legal.

Malaysian Airliner Shot Down

In July 2014, a Russian-built surface-to-air missile shot down a Malaysian airliner over the Ukraine, killing 283 people. The missile was shot from an area controlled by pro-Russian fighters, but Russian involvement has never been proven.

Since then, violence in the Ukraine between the Ukrainian military and Russian separatists has killed over 9,500 people and injured 22,400, according to Global Conflict Tracker. The United Nations High Commissioner for refugees reports that 2 million Ukrainians have been displaced because of the fighting.

6,000 U.S. Troops to Baltic States

The United States in November announced it will send 6,000 troops to the Baltic States, along with tanks, infantry equipment and combat helicopters to step up its “armored presence” in Eastern Europe, where there also is a massive NATO military buildup to counter Russian troop presence.

The Ukrainian crisis has put the U.S. and the European Union further at odds with Russia and complicates prospects for cooperation on issues such as terrorism and the civil war in Syria.

Before You Go Talk to Lawyer

As you pack your bags and plan your trip to work overseas, make sure that you put in a call to any Defense Base Act law attorney to talk about what you might expect when you get over there. It’s good to have a contact who can help if you ever need it and help your family to have a peace of mind while you’re gone.

No matter where you travel in the world, take time to get the name of a Defense Base Act Law attorney before you go.