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Civilian Contractor Update: Yemen

Yemen defense base act lawBrian Wiklendt is a Defense Base lawyer with Garfinkel Schwartz in Maitland Florida to give a Civilian Contractor Update: Yemen.

Civilian Contractor Update: Yemen

We also have an office. We also help our clients in Cocoa Beach Florida. Maitland is a suburb of Orlando. But I travel all across the country helping people that need my aid under the Defense Base Act who are overseas civilian contractors.

The reason I do this is so that my current clients and potential clients going overseas understand what potential conflicts there are and what the surrounding circumstances are in different countries are that we may or may not be involved with in 2017.

And the country I’m talking about today is Yemen. Yemen is another country in crisis that is drawing neighboring states into its conflict and creating openings for terrorist groups to enter.

What Happened in Yemen?

In the fall of 2014, the Houthis, a Shia rebel group with links to Iran and a history of attacks against the Sunni government, seized the presidential palace in Sanaa, the Yemeni capital, and forced President Mansur Hadi to resign.

After retaliation by government forces, along with massive Saudi Arabian air strikes aided by U.S. intelligence, Hadi returned to Yemen a year later and rescinded his resignation. Since then, fighting among rival factions has increased, resulting in the deaths of 10,000 civilians, as of late November.

14 Million Starving, 3 Million Displaced

About 14 million people are thought to be either starving or “food insecure,” according to the United Nations, and 3 million people have been displaced. The U.N. has reported that most of the Yemeni population is in need of food, health services, clean water and other forms of humanitarian aid.

The fighting has allowed other factions, including Al Qaeda and ISIS, to try to gain territory. The New York Times and other media outlets have reported that the areas controlled by the Houthis include more than half of Yemen’s population.

Some U.S. Troops in Yemen

The U.S. has sent small numbers of troops into northern Yemen to assist in the fight against Al Qaeda, however it has been sending drones to strike the Yemeni branch in Al Qaeda for years. The Houthis twice attempted but failed to strike American military vessels in the Red Sea.

The U.S. had been supporting, with intelligence and logistics support, the Saudi-led coalition, which includes several of the Saudi’s Middle East neighbors. But in late October 2016, President Obama said the U.S. would review that support because of a Saudi airstrike at a funeral in Yemen that killed more than 140 civilians.

The Saudis have conducted thousands of airstrikes against Yemeni targets, and have frequently hit residential neighborhoods and hospitals. There has been no statement about whether the U.S. review will result in a reduction of our involvement in Yemen.

Talk to a DBA Lawyer Before You Go

As lead counsel in the law firm Garfinkel Schwartz, I can help you know your rights before you actually have to assert them. If you’re working in Yemen or you end up as a contractor overseas please contact an attorney that knows about the Defense Base Act so that you can understand what your rights are.

Be sure you are prepared and find a lawyer to help you get out of that country if you’re injured. To help you get medical services and to help you understand what your legal rights are under the Defense Base Act which many employers don’t real explain to you.

It’s always best to have your ducks in a row before something bad might happen. It creates a peace of mind for you and for your family.

Reach Brian at 1-800-393-2999 24 Hours

So please call me anytime email me anytime. I’ll be glad to talk to you for free about any situation that you may be getting yourself into if you’re about to be deployed.

And that way if something happens you’ll have a support system here in the United States that can help you. We’ll assert your rights under the Defense Base Act and work with the insurance company to get the benefits that you deserve.

Thank you again for your time Brian Wiklendt with Garfinkel Schwartz here in Florida signing out.