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“Concussion” Highlights Causes of TBI

Traumatic Brain Injuries

“Concussion,” is a movie starring actor Will Smith who plays the doctor who discovered that NFL football player injuries and causes of TBI traumatic brain injuries due to hits in the game.

Dr. Bennet Omalu was the neuropathologist who first published findings of chronic traumatic encephalopathy in football-related brain trauma.

The movie exposes the potential long-term neurological issues of continuous injury to the brain when it is hit as in football or other continuous or repetitive injuries or physical incidents.

TBI is known as the signature wound of Afghanistan and Iraq conflicts.

The Mayo Clinic describes traumatic brain injury as complex with a range of symptoms, affects and disabilities to those who suffer an injury. Research found that large percentage of individuals diagnosed with TBI might also possibly mirror the symptoms of PTSD post traumatic stress disorder.

The variety of symptoms associated with TBI—cognitive, speech and memory difficulties, vision problems, headaches, dizziness, seizures, motor disorders, sleep problems, ringing in the ears, mood changes—includes the fact that they resemble symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder.

When there is an accident, a heavy impact, a fall, an explosion, and something causes a person to hit their head, that shakes, pounds, or causes the skull or the brain to be injured a TBI can occur. Any injury to the brain may be caused by any one factor including blasts, blunt force, traumatic falls, athletic impacts, vehicle accidents.

There are multiple head injuries caused from accidents, falls, explosions, firearms. These head injuries are described in many different ways.

Types of Traumatic Brain Injury

Hypoxia: when the brain doesn’t receive enough oxygen, irreversible brain damage can occur. A few minutes without oxygen called anoxia or not enough oxygen called hypoxia can cause brain damage.

An infection from bacteria or from a virus can become encephalitis, or meningitis which can be deadly if not diagnosed and treated. This can occur when the brain is infected whether through the blood or an air-borne virus.

A low blood pressure incident, a heart attack, respiratory problems, under water near drowning, any like issue where there is no oxygen to the brain could cause memory or cognitive problems.

Strokes occur when blood deprivation to the brain is blocked from a cerebral vascular incident.

Brain injury occurs when there is a loss of blood flow to the brain tissue, when a hematoma or a hemorrhage occurs. A blocked cerebral vascular incident caused by blocked blood flow from dead cells in the blood-deprived area can cause a stroke.

Closed head injuries are those where the injury doesn’t penetrate the skull

There are chemical TBIs that can occur when dangerous chemicals cause neuron damage. Can be disorders from metabolism.

Open head injuries are those injuries where there is a penetration of the skull.

Tumors can cause brain damage when a tumor causes pressure on the brain, surgeries can cause brain damage if there is an unintended bump or touch, cancer grows on the brain, damage can occur when there is pressure from a tumor.