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Contractor World Conflict Update: Iraq

Contractor World Conflicts IraqHi This is Brian Wiklendt coming to you from Garfinkel Schwartz here in Maitland Florida.

We specialize in Defense Base Act work helping overseas contractors that get injured.

What we like to do from time to time is give updates to contractors and potential contractors as to what’s going on in the world. Today I’m giving a Contractor World Conflict Update: Iraq.

Contractor World Conflict Update: Iraq

We know that our clients and you listening to this often get sent to highly confidential locations and places that no one knows about. So what we do is try to figure out to give a good indicator of what and where U.S. troops are going because anywhere they go marks a strong indicator for where civilian contractors will also be working.

But wherever you go and whatever you need, we’ll be here if you need our help. That’s a promise.

So I’d like to take a look at what’s going on overseas and the world conflicts to put on everybody’s radar.

These are summaries that are based on what we’ve read in the news, gathered from government sources, the Department of Defense, military and some impartial sources that study world conflicts.

That’s kind of what we like to keep track of so that our clients and our potential clients know what’s going on and they can get the potential help they’ll need once they get injured in one of these remote areas.

Iraq History with United States

Iraq obviously has a very large history in the United States ever since 9/11 being involved. As of September 10, 2016,

the U.S. military and the Obama administration reports that there’s still more than 4,500 U.S. troops that are in Iraq.

U.S. Sent 450 Troops

This week an additional 450 troops were sent to help strictly protect the city of Mosul from ISIS/ISIL and so this is just going to be a continuing situation and I do have clients that have been that were recently deployed back to Iraq.

A lot of people have been there. Most of our presence left in 2011 2012 but now we’re coming back. We feel a sense that we need to get back in there because of Isis.

Maintaining Order Since 2003

contractor-world-conflict-iraqThe U.S. has been trying to maintain order and establish control of the country of Iraq all the way since 2003.

When the U.S. then entered Iraq, it was to remove the regime alleged to be responsible for creating and preparing use of weapons of mass destruction.

Although evidence was not found that those weapons were present, the U.S. remained in Iraq fighting and supporting the country’s battle for control from Saddam Hussein.

Saddam Hussein Capture

Even after the capture Saddam Hussein and his removal, the U.S. attempted to aid the establishment of an interim government and we were beginning to withdraw troops thinking that the interim government was stable in 2007-08 however as we know Iraqi insurgents from a range of religious and political factions continually wrestled for control of the country while U.S. troops left Iraq that first time.

And at the center of the Iraqi leadership issues is a difference in beliefs amongst the Kurds, Sunni, and Shia. Each wants and thinks they should have a say in Iraqi governance, and they still do. Yet these groups cannot agree to work together equally to run the country and that’s why American forces are still there.

All of these groups are in battle with ISIS, yet the internal fighting will not allow a resolve for leadership that together, united may better defend the country from ISIS.

Iraq Crisis Peak by 2011

By 2011, the Iraq Crisis peaked and civil war broke out. ISIS began an all out war for control of the country which then brought the United States and its allies back into Iraq.

So since 2014 more than 60 countries have worked with U.S. forces attempting to keep ISIS from gaining control of key cities in Iraq including Fallujah, Baghdad, Tikrit, Anbar Province and Ramadi.

There have been almost 10,000 air strikes against ISIS. The U.S. and its allies are working to remove ISIS from Mosul where it had a two-year presence.

With the wide range of religious, political disagreements, the U.S. military, and its allies face several more years of fighting in Iraq which may or may not escalate, which probably will escalate. And our civilian contractors will probably have to go over there and support the efforts against ISIS in Iraq.