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Contractor World Conflict Update: North Korea

garfinkel-schwartz-dba-law-firm-floridaHi, Brian Wiklendt here coming to you from Garfinkel Schwartz here in Maitland Florida. This is a contractor world conflict update: North Korea.

We provide contractors and potential contractors occasional updates as to what’s going on in the world’s conflicts and this one is in North Korea and involves troops in South Korea. As DBA attorneys, wherever you go and whatever you need, we’ll be here if you need our help and that’s a promise.

These are summaries that are based on what we’ve read in the news, gathered from government sources, the Department of Defense, military and some impartial sources that study world conflicts.

Contractor World Conflict Update: North Korea

The next area of concern is North Korea. North Korea is one of the world’s largest military forces it has 1.2 million troops.

There’s a thing called the Global Conflict Tracker that I talked about before. It’s now reporting that the United States has more than 28,500 troops in South Korea. And South Korea alone has 600,000 troops at the ready near North Korea.

So this is obviously one of the most heavily-armed military locations in the world right now. It obviously will be needing the overseas support of contractors. So some of you with your skills will be sent to near North Korea.

At Issue in North Korea

North Korea as of right now is angry at the United States for sanctions against its leader Kim Jong-un for his crimes against humanity in North Korea. This leader actually executed more than 50 government officials that he suspected of opposing him.

So there are some serious conflicts going on right now with the United States and North Korea. The leader is also starving North Korean citizens, restricting movement and controlling them through random mass killings to terrorize their citizens into submission.

Jong-un has also moved slowly but certainly towards South Korean territory as well. So North Korea in January decided to detonate and test a nuclear weapon in a North Korean county.

So Last week actually on September 8, 2016, a registered 5.0 earthquake was reported and later confirmed by major news outlets that the quake was in the same location—which is also the site of four other nuclear bombs previously tested there since 2001.

7 to 16 Nuclear Weapons

Actually in early 2016, North Korea said it had seven to 10 nuclear weapons and a massive army and in some reports claims 16 nuclear weapons. Just last month in August, North Korea fired ballistic missiles into the sea testing what they claim is their “dated” military equipment as a show of strength that actually these missiles hit surprisingly close to Japan and South Korea which is cause for even more alarm.

So we have it on the radar here at Garfinkel Schwartz to be really on the lookout as to what’s going to happen in the near future in North Korea and what overseas contractors that are going to support the United States government are going to be involved in there.

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