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Contractor World Conflict Updates: Syria & Libya

best-oklahoma-defense-base-act-law-firm-garfinkel-schwartzHi This is Brian Wiklendt coming to you from Garfinkel Schwartz here in Maitland Florida. We specialize in Defense Base Act work helping overseas contractors that get injured.

Here’s a look at Contractor World Conflict Updates: Syria & Libya. These are based on news, government, the Department of Defense, and military sources.

It’s imperative that contractors, our clients or our potential clients know what’s going on in the world so that they can get the potential help they’ll need if they get injured in one of these remote areas.

World Conflict Update: Syria

The next and probably most perplexing country that we are involved with is Syria. It’s very hush, hush as to what’s going on in Syria right now.

There have been reports that have been retracted, there have been reports that people don’t believe. So Syria is a hotbed of controversy and it’s becoming kind of secret which makes us here at Garfinkel Schwartz a little worried that something might actually really be going on there that might be really bad.

Syria is Controlled by ISIS

Syria is overrun by ISIS. There reportedly are 300 U.S. Troops and Special Forces vs. and there is also more than 20,000 to 31,000 Islamic State fighters along with U.S. troops in Syria to see what’s really going on.

Why We Are in Syria?

There’s a civil war and it’s why we are in Syria. Multiple sides fought for control of Syria vs. the Syrian government since 2011. The Islamic State has fought the Shiites, Christians and fellow Sunnis while controlling large areas of the country.

Russia originally supported Syrian president Bahar al-Assad because of a Russian need to protect a nearby military base.

Actually, according to The New York Times, the U.S. and Russia had a tentative agreement to cooperate against the Nusra Front and the Islamic State external and involvement through a lot of different coalitions and countries including the U.S. is increasing in Syria.

However, as of November 2, Russia STILL backs Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and its military operation in Syria. This means that Russia is opposite the U.S. and its allies who want Assad removed from office.

Syrian insurgents attacked western Aleppo held by the government to retake the city’s rebel-held eastern districts. Syrian rebels also rejected Russian demands to withdraw from Aleppo. Russia and the U.S. are at odds over support for rebels and opposition.

4 Million Refugees

One of the big reasons why the U.S. is involved in Syria is that the situation has led to more than four million Syrian refugees and migrants.

Tens of thousands of Syrians are stranded and dying from starvation and dehydration in the Syrian Desert. And there have been no successful methods for delivering aid to them because ISIS has been destroying each attempt to help these people. It’s a horrible, horrible situation so we’re going to keep a very close eye on Syria.

World Conflict Update: Libya

The final one that I wanted to talk to you about and there are more a bunch of other conflicts but I wanted to highlight the ones that we felt here at Garfinkel Schwartz were the most pressing and important that’s the Civil War in Libya.

Libya is Divided

The civil war in Libya is critical and getting worse. Libya became troubled after the 2011 killing of dictator Moammar Gadhafi. Libya’s been split into two governments and parliaments with a range of tribes and militias which means that it’s completely unstable.

There’s a limited number of U.S. troops now in Libya working with more than 5,000 foreign troops. And basically there have been more than 400,000 displaced people. The self-proclaimed Islamic State has complicated a power struggle between various factions including the UN-backed Government of National Accord.

Syria & Libya Very Dangerous

So basically in a nutshell Syria and Libya are looking like very dangerous places for overseas contractors to enter into.

With that in mind,  as lead counsel with Garfinkel Schwartz helping people under the Defense Base Act, whether you are working anywhere near these areas Syria, Libya, Afghanistan or anywhere else in the world, if you’re a contractor, and you’re currently not injured, talk with an attorney.

Don’t wait because you don’t think you’ll need an attorney. It costs you nothing and you can ask anything you like in 100% confidence. No DBA attorney will charge you for legal services EVER. The DBA covers legal services  and we consult and keep in contact with clients who are never injured or sick so that they know their rights — before they go overseas.

DBA is a Federal Law to Help You Overseas

The Defense Base Act is a federal law to help you overseas. We keep our clients informed and we want to support you by helping you before you travel overseas. You should know what you are provided through the Defense Base Act law and it is important to know before you leave for another country. Call and ask us anything, any DBA lawyer in fact, will answer at no fee to you ever. That’s a benefit of the Defense Base Act law: legal fees are covered. You don’t pay a penny.

Do You Know What You Are Owed?

Laws over there in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan are obviously not like laws in the U.S. as you know, but your employer whether a DoD contractor, sub-contractor, a U.S. military base, is held up to the laws provided to U.S. government employees. You are provided many very powerful financial and health assets should you ever get hurt or sick over there.

The Defense Base Act and Longshore Act law is federal law. So Garfinkel Schwartz handles cases across the U.S. and for clients around the world. There are no boundaries. Are you in the Ukraine? Thailand? Italy

If you need help, we’ll find a way to talk with you wherever you are. Whether you mail a letter, send an e-mail or do FaceTime, Skype, Video Conference, Whats App, a Facebook call or chat or a Google Hangout…we’ll find a way to communicate with you.

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