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Defense Base Act Helps Our U.S. Heroes

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July!

Today, this Fourth of July 2014, Garfinkel Schwartz asks that you remember our fallen heroes, our forgotten heroes, our shadow troops working overseas.

Who are the Civilian Contractors?

These are the men and women, the civilians who have served our U.S. Troops. They have worked side by side our troops, and for our troops on military bases, in foreign countries, lands where our military fight for the freedom of others.

These fellow U.S. civilians working for our U.S. government in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan have stepped in when our U.S. troops go home.

Civilians, often former military, work for defense contractors who are employed by our government to rebuild infrastructures, buildings and establish peace and security before, during and after a conflict. They are translators, engineers, plumbers, truck drivers, barbers, security,  technology experts, electricians among many other jobs. These civilians do not have the same roles, nor do they have the same protection that our military does.

Although many are former military, if they are veterans and they are hired by a non-military employer–a defense contractor–they are covered by the Defense Base Act. The Defense Base Act provides our U.S. civilians working overseas with the workers compensation–medical care and financial compensation if they are injured or become ill on the job.

Defense Contractors Hire U.S. Civilians

After there are military conflicts overseas, in countries where our military have left after withdrawl, there are brave men and women who are often former U.S. military who go back after several tours of duty to work for our government. They go to help the U.S. and are exposed to the same things our troops have had to endure.

So today when you celebrate our freedom, think about our fellow citizens who have stepped up and who work tirelessly in dangerous conditions establishing security, re-establishing communication, infrastructures.

Civilian Contractors Need Support, Too

Now, think about the fact that these brave men and women work within and under the same conditions. They get hurt, they are exposed to IEDs, driving along roads with gunfire, sprays of bullets, constant attacks as they try to build and rebuild roads, buildings, U.S. embassies.

When these citizens are injured, they’re flown out to safety, to military base hospitals, like Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany.

When these wounded warriors are sent home, they’re receiving Federal compensation and medical care that they are provided under the Defense Base Act. Civilian contractors have rights to choose their own doctors. They have the right to financial support.

The sad thing is that at a time when medical care and compensation is needed most, insurance companies begin to deny claims. Needed surgeries, medicine, treatment is denied.

Defense Base Act Helps Those Denied Medical Claims

Defense Base Act and Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act law firm Garfinkel Schwartz, P.A., helps clients fighting to regain denied medical care, claims and compensation. Garfinkel Schwartz takes care of our own, one family at a time.

Denied medical care, denied medical claims to our forgotten fallen heroes is a horrible thing to talk about on a day when we’re celebrating our nation’s freedoms. But it’s our job to think of and care for our fallen heroes which includes all U.S. citizens who have helped secure our country, worked for our country and on behalf of our country overseas.

If you’ve worked in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan as a civilian contractor or you care for someone who did, know someone who is or has worked overseas for a defense contractor. Make sure that they get all the rights that are due to them. There are laws that protect them. That supply all the medical care, counseling, rehab, medicine, therapy that they need after an illness or an injury received while working overseas for our military.

Injured Civilian Contractors Have Rights:

  1. Federal compensation
  2. Medical benefits, medical care, medical treatment, prescriptions, surgeries
  3. The right to choose their doctors
  4. The right to a lawyer to defend their rights at no charge to the contractor
  5. Lawyers are not allowed, nor will lawyers take one penny from any client settlement

Take time to talk with your loved ones and make sure that they’re getting the medical care and compensation that they need to heal, recover, and resume the life that they want to live. Contact an attorney and at least begin talking to someone about your situation. The Defense Base Act is a complex area of the law and it’s a good idea to write down your thoughts as they come to you. Then when you make your phone call you can get your answers. You can reach us at 1-800-393-2999