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Defense Base Act Resources

Many, many articles about Defense Base Act Resources. Created in 1941, the Defense Base Act law provides medical coverage, compensation, and the right to choose your own doctor. The DBA covers those who work overseas as civilian contractors for private employers Department of Defense firms working on foreign military bases for the U.S. government, or who work on contracts approved and funded by the U.S. Government. Anyone injured on the job and who is denied medical care has the right to an attorney who is paid by the insurer or the employer, not by the individual. Garfinkel Schwartz has provided civilian contractors with DBA defense help since 1976.

What is a Scheduled Injury?

Unscheduled injuries are psychological injuries that type of situation. The reason that those are is because it’s very difficult to put a week value on an injured back. It could be for the rest of your life. It could be for years on end or it could be after surgery you might be completely healed so those are unscheduled meaning that they’re kind of unknown and indefinite.


What is an Independent Medical Exam?

What is an independent medical exam? You should definitely consult with an attorney before you go to an independent medical exam even if that’s not me. It’s just something smart to do because the insurance companies have minions and minions of people that are watching and doing things and studying and helping each other figure out how to manipulate the system and you need someone on your side that knows the system enough to be able to manipulate it back to your side to the right side.


What is a Mediation?

So when you have a tablet out there and there’s money on one column and money on the other column it turns out to be kind of real. It’s real when it’s put down on a piece of paper.

How Does a Mediation Usually End?

Both sides are usually frustrated at the end of a mediation.

The insurance company thinks that they’ve paid way too much and the claimant thinks that maybe they got too little.


Global Conflicts May Involve Civilian Contractors

We want to know where our nation’s brave civilian contractors and U.S. troops and resources will be sent next. We watch this so that we have an idea where civilian contractors, DoD subcontractors will be going to serve and to work.


Lawyer Has to Fight for Your Case

There are a wide range of Defense Base Act law cases. You may have what’s considered to be a tough PTSD case. That’s not a problem because we will take the time and work with your doctors to help prove that you have a case.

When you have PTSD, there are sometimes cases that can be settled with a few phone calls and others may carry on for a year or more. We cannot predict any outcome. But we can tell you that we would not take a case if we are not confident in it.


What is the Overall Value of My DBA Case?

I’m here at the Maitland Florida office. I’d like to talk to you about a Defense Base Act case in terms of what my clients always ask me is what is the overall value of my DBA case? these claims are all individualized so it’s very difficult to tell you what the value of your case is until I know just about everything about you including what your medical history is. And what’s your age? What will your future medical endeavors be? What kind of prescription medication you might have to take?


What is the Value of a Defense Base Act Case?

I just want to give people out there just some information on the value of a Defense Base Act case. This usually arises when an event happens such as a bombing or a mortar fire attack or a car accident in which there are multiple parties injured and they all know each other and they discuss and they talk about certain things amongst each other.


What is a Functional Capacity Evaluation?

What is a Functional Capacity Evaluation? FCAs are usually used by the insurance company to weigh your Lack of Earning Capacity and what you actually physically can do after your injury or when you’re placed on Maximum Medical Improvement.

Unfortunately, normally what happens is these Functional Capacity Exams in this area of law are basically used to see if you’re lacking effort or you’re exaggerating your symptoms or your injuries so they can try to use that against you later in court


What is a Labor Market Survey

All the judge does is look at whether you’re qualified to do the job and whether the job really exists. Whether or not it’s in a correct geographical location 75 miles or so away from your house or potentially overseas if you’ve done a lot of overseas work.


What is a Deposition?

Hi I’m Brian Wiklendt with Garfinkel Schwartz. Under the Defense Base Act the insurance company has the right to do your deposition, to take your deposition. I’m going to walk you through what happens in a deposition. I’m here in our Maitland Florida office today and we have a deposition with the client scheduled.


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