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Defense Base Act Resources

Many, many articles about Defense Base Act Resources. Created in 1941, the Defense Base Act law provides medical coverage, compensation, and the right to choose your own doctor. The DBA covers those who work overseas as civilian contractors for private employers Department of Defense firms working on foreign military bases for the U.S. government, or who work on contracts approved and funded by the U.S. Government. Anyone injured on the job and who is denied medical care has the right to an attorney who is paid by the insurer or the employer, not by the individual. Garfinkel Schwartz has provided civilian contractors with DBA defense help since 1976.

What Happens in a Defense Base Act Law Mediation?

We probably have a mediation and in the vast majority of the cases that we have just to see if we can come to a meeting of the minds with the insurance company or the employer. And like I said a lot of times it’s successful for both sides.

And that’s what we try to do here and if we don’t, then we go to court and let the judge decide everyone’s fate.


New Bill Aimed at Protecting Contractors

There’s a new bill aimed at protecting contractors in Congress that’s been proposed to help protect the interests of foreign workers—Third Country Nationals–hired by U.S. Department of Defense to work at U.S. Government buildings and bases overseas. The bill has to get through the Senate and at this point is in its first stage, was introduced […]


DBA Lawyer Meets With Clients in Hometowns

the more I know about you the more I know about your family and your financial situation the better I can help you. Not as just as a lawyer going to court for you and fighting the insurance companies but also as a counselor for your family. We Want to Know What’s Best For You and we will learn that by spending time with you, your family in your hometown.


Lawyer Monitors Medical Cases No Charge

Garfinkel Schwartz monitors medical cases no charge for many clients. We have clients out overseas right now and they’re not even injured. But if they do get injured they know exactly who to call and I already have a file on them. We are ready to call the insurance companies, monitor to make sure that your doctor’s medical care plan is being followed. This is done for no charge. It’s free client claim monitoring.


Where Will Civilian Contractors Be in 2016?

The thought is that you should know where in the world there are conflicts that could involve the U.S. military. Fill out the form for a First Choice Physician so that if you get injured over say in Pakistan or North Korea, Syria, Ukraine, anywhere, you don’t want to rely on doctors that the insurance company or the company is going to provide for you in these countries.

You want to get home as fast as you can. You want to give them your first choice of physicians which you have the right to under the Defense Base Act.


Helping One Family at a Time

Garfinkel Schwartz lead counsel attorney Brian Wiklendt flies to the homes of contractors where they live and where they’re recovering after injuries and illnesses. Brian will help them get the benefits that they deserve by law. The Defense Base Act covers all legal fees, covers medical care and covers benefits.


Where the U.S. Military May Be in 2016

Currently, Garfinkel Schwartz has many clients from all over Kuwait, Afghanistan, and Iraq. There are men and women who have worked in Turkey, in Kosovo, Syria, Africa, South America, Central America, Europe, Russia, the United States.

Based on the many wars, problems and military needs as of January 4, 2016, there will be more people who are hurt working for the U.S. government as sub-contractors, civilian contractors. Here is a look at the predicted military problems that could require U.S. troops or military or Department of Defense staff.


Our Clients Are the Heroes of 2015

Even if I’m in three feet of snow it really doesn’t make much difference when I’m with clients in person so I can understand just what they’re going through and what their household is going through as a result of the insurance companies failing to deliver which is what I’m here for to make sure the insurance companies give you what you deserve.


No Risk Attorney Fees

We get checks completely separately to our law firm for our hourly rate times the number of hours we spent. All of our attorney fees have to be approved by the Department of Labor. There’s a form–a retainer form–that I cannot change and that’s a form drafted by the Department of Labor.


We Travel to You Where You Live

We mention on our website that we do come to you and we meet you in person whenever we get a chance to. And we’ll always be there for depositions and major times that your case has to be adjudicated.
We want to see you in your home, where it’s comfortable for you and where you’re recovering and healing.


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