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Defense Base Act Resources

Many, many articles about Defense Base Act Resources. Created in 1941, the Defense Base Act law provides medical coverage, compensation, and the right to choose your own doctor. The DBA covers those who work overseas as civilian contractors for private employers Department of Defense firms working on foreign military bases for the U.S. government, or who work on contracts approved and funded by the U.S. Government. Anyone injured on the job and who is denied medical care has the right to an attorney who is paid by the insurer or the employer, not by the individual. Garfinkel Schwartz has provided civilian contractors with DBA defense help since 1976.

Garfinkel Schwartz Focuses Practice on DBA Law

Garfinkel Schwartz law firm focuses on DBA Law, starting with Sidney Schwartz, who became a lawyer about 70 years ago shortly after the enactment of the Defense Base Act Law. Sid Schwartz had family and friends die in support of U.S. military service during World War II. Helping families of veterans and those working in support of the United States military became his life’s passion. His son and Alan Garfinkel’s former law partner John Schwartz went a military academy in Jacksonville, Florida. Then to Law School so that he too would practice DBA Law.


Camp Victory Burn Pits Concerns One Year Later

Nearly one year ago, in June 2014, USA Today reported documented health issues associated with respiratory illness allegedly caused by exposure to Camp Victory burn pits in Iraq. Lung illnesses identified by doctors who tested the air quality at Camp Victory in Iraq are a concern for any civilian military contractors and Department of Defense sub-contractors working […]


Defense Base Act Death Benefits

You may think that there’s a one year statute of limitations normally on Defense Base Act claims including on death claims however there is a presumption in the law that states that if when you know or should have known that your entitled to these benefits that’s when the statute starts running. Not when the person dies. In a lot of cases the employer or the sub-contractor never notifies the Department of Labor of the death.


How a DBA Case Begins at Garfinkel Schwartz

Hi my name is Bennett Garfinkel and this is lead attorney Brian Wiklendt. We’re coming to you from our Maitland offices in Central Florida from the law firm of Garfinkel Schwartz. You can watch a video on this topic called, “How a DBA Case Begins,” on the Garfinkel Schwartz YouTube channel. We’re here today to […]


We Explain the Defense Base Act Law

if you are under a contract or your employer is engaged in a subcontract with a subcontractor of the U.S. government, whether that be any of the divisions of the government, any military operation—United States operation—or any other authorized contractor of the United States government in any fashion and you’re injured overseas, you’re governed by the Defense Base Act.


Fourth Generation Longshore, DBA Law Firm

This firm was founded by my father to honor the legacy of my grandfather attorney John M. Schwartz he was an expert in the field of defense base act law and practiced longshore and defense base act law for over 30 years


Small Longshore & DBA Law Firm With Big Resources

When I say resources, we know literally every administrative law judge that practices in this area. We know basically every adjuster for the insurance companies that would be handling client’s claims. We know the district director for for the Department of Labor.


Injured Civilian Contractors Record Medical Notes, Appointments

Hi I’m Brian Wiklendt with Garfinkel Schwartz and I’m here in the Maitland Florida office here today and we also have offices in Cocoa Beach Florida which is on the space coast in the east coast of florida by Port Canaveral. Maitland is also a suburb of Orlando so I live in Orlando.  We also travel […]


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