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Did Burn Pits Cause Bronchiolitis?

Defense Base Attorney Lawyer Iraq Burn PitsBurn pits and respiratory problems are being blamed for respiratory problems in men and women, veterans who have worked overseas in military conflicts for the U.S. Department of Defense.

There are multiple news story on the health problems that are forcing veterans to prove that burn pits were the reason for their chronic and life-threatening respiratory issues.

You may see the stories including quotes from veterans who suspect that burn pits cause thousands of serious illnesses.

The stories have investigated the burn pit health problems including:

In each story, veterans are accusing the U.S. Department of Defense of not taking necessary precautions to protect veterans and civilians from toxic fumes that came from the burn pits.

The DoD is accused of failing to take necessary safety precautions when incinerating waste that included human waste, computers, plastic, metals, garbage which emitted chemicals and toxins into the air.

Contractors Affected by Burn Pits

Contractors and sub-contractors who built and worked on U.S. military bases were also exposed to burn pit toxins, however, contractors have to work with independent attorneys like Garfinkel Schwartz attorney Brian Wiklendt to fight for medical rights.

Tests Will Begin

Camp Speicher Iraq Defense Base Act Attorney dust storm toxinsMichigan Radio quotes Dr. Paul Ciminera director of the Post 9/11 Era Environmental Health Program with the Veterans Health Administration who said more than 40,000 veterans have signed up to date to participate in a health study on the effects of burn pits on individuals over time.

Any sub-contractor who has worked in U.S. war zones in Iraq and Afghanistan is familiar with the clouds and fumes rising from burn pits that worsen in dust storms that blow toxic particles and smoke near barracks, living and work areas.

Burn pits have been blamed for life-threatening health problems by thousands of U.S. veterans. If veterans have been affected by burn pits, civilian contractors who serve alongside veterans, have also hit by respiratory problems.

There is a website called BurnPits360.org where there is a list of burn pits published and recognized.

Get Help, Get Tested, Get Illness Identified

Garfinkel Schwartz lead counsel, Brian Wiklendt said that it’s imperative that civilian military contractors who worked in Iraq, Afghanistan and other locations get help and get tested.

“You should see a specialist and have tests done by specialists. Very few doctors can accurately identify the illness that burn pits can cause which is called Constrictive Bronchiolitis.

“An accurate test may point to the fact that you need to have a biopsy because there’s really no way to officially diagnose Constrictive Bronchiolitis it until it’s under a microscope,” Wiklendt said.

“There are two doctors that work with Constrictive Bronchiolitis that we’ve been in contact with: There’s one at Vanderbilt University and there’s one at The University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

“Those two are the two locations that when I researched doctors to send our clients, those locations were the publications that I found the most insightful and clear,” Wiklendt said.

“Burn pits are common and well-known if you were on a U.S. base at the time when all the burn pits were burning.”

“If  you’ve developed leukemia, suddenly while you were otherwise a healthy 35-year-old individual. Or you’ve suddenly developed horrible COPD and you’re a non-smoker and you’re 23, you should get this testing done. Now,” Wiklendt said.

Only Tests Identify Bronchiolitis

“We can help you by providing the tests and medical evaluations from the right doctors who know how to test for it. There’s often a wait so it’s a good idea to get started right away.”

This issue can be looked at as a pretty heavy coincidence to have developed a very serious medical illness or issue after having lived and worked within breathing distance of a burn pit.

But correlation does not imply causation. You will not be able to receive benefits or medical care if you just leap to the conclusion or try to prove this issue alone.

Garfinkel Schwartz does not charge legal fees, and as a Defense Base Act attorney cannot charge you for any legal fees. Instead, the Department of Labor pays our legal fees which are covered under the Defense Base Act law.

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