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Garfinkel Schwartz Promises Confidentiality

Hi, I’m Brian Wiklendt with Garfinkel Schwartz, I’m in the Maitland office which is a suburb of Orlando, Florida. We also have offices in Titusville, Florida which is right near Port Canaveral on the coast.

All E-mails and Conversations are Private

I would like to talk wAll conversations, e-mails are privateith you about something that’s come to my attention through the experiences that I’ve had with contractors in the past. If you would like to watch a video on this topic, please visit the Garfinkel Schwartz YouTube page and watch “Garfinkel Schwartz Promises Confidentiality.”

Sometimes contractors overseas while working and being injured are a little apprehensive about contacting our firm whether that’s through the website or calling us. And I completely understand that.

I’d like to try to make people feel more comfortable that what we talk about with you is completely confidential.

All Conversations, Communications are Confidential

We wouldn’t allow you to break any types of confidentiality agreements you have with the government in terms of top-secret security clearance and things like that and we have ways of doing that.

To ease everyone’s mind, when you’re talking with us, everything you say is attorney client privileged. Even if you don’t hire the firm. And that’s just part of the rules in Federal court. Which means that if I talk to you about sensitive issues in our initial conversation, I can’t repeat that to anyone.

I could be jailed if I did that possibly. I would suffer consequences and I would never do something like that.  So, please feel comfortable that, if you don’t feel comfortable because your companies monitoring your emails or your phone, the best way to do it is you can contact us using a different name and just provide a phone number and a time to call.

Confidentiality and Anonymity Imperative

Confidentiality is our primary concern for all clients.We would call you back.  That’s your convenience for the first time that we speak.  That way everything would be confidential and anonymous.

I actually have a client of mine, a contractor, that suffered from PTSD severely, he actually was under the assumption that he couldn’t speak to anyone including his own family about the things that he saw overseas and witnessed.

We Fly to You for Confidential, Private Meetings

Finally, he found a way to me.  We talked privately; I flew to meet with him.  And that’s what we do.  If you call me from anywhere in the United States or overseas we can make arrangements to meet and to talk privately, securely.

You know, individual to individual about your experiences and your pain and what’s going on.

There are other ways to do that also, if you’re completely apprehensive and say you’re out of the zone and you’re in your private place that no one’s supposed to know about, the best thing to do is contact a family member and have that family member contact us and we could work through that until you get home and get the treatment that you need.

We Work Hard to Maintain Your Privacy

So, there are many ways of doing things.  Please, don’t feel apprehensive about contacting the firm.  We have many ways of We maintain client privacy.keeping things confidential and not having your company find out about the contact and things like that.  I’ve even had people wait by a payphone and give me the number, and the time that they would be there, and I called the pay phone.

So, we’ve done many different things like this through our experiences and we completely understand the apprehension that you could have especially when you are overseas and you haven’t been home to get your treatment yet.

So, that’s something that concerned me over the last few weeks when talking with contractors and what their experiences are and what types of restrictions they have in terms of contacting the United States while they’re doing their jobs overseas.

So hopefully that helps you in some way helps to alleviate the apprehension of calling somebody for help and to get the rights that you deserve.

So, if you don’t call me, call somebody that’s a specialist in Defense Base Act law which is a Federal statute and get the help you need. Otherwise, a lot of people just wait until they can get overseas safely and they just wait until their plane flight has been paid for.

First, Call Your Doctor; Second, Call an Attorney

And I say that the first call that you should make is to your doctor to set an appointment up for you; and the second call you should make is to me.  That way I can handle all of the red tape that is going to be involved with whether they are going to allow you to get the treatment that you want, the treatment that you need or the treatment that they think you need.

And it all just goes on from there.  Thanks again, this is Brian Wiklendt with Garfinkel Schwartz I’m here in our Maitland Florida office today; we also have offices in Titusville Florida which is on the space coast. Thank you.