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Injured War Contractors, Longshoremen Must Pick Doctors

Medical care should be immediate for civilian contractors overseas.Hi I’m Brian Wiklendt I’m a lawyer with Garfinkel Schwartz I’m here in our Maitland Florida office which is a suburb of Orlando. We also have offices in Cocoa Beach, Florida which is on the space coast of Florida.

I’m coming to you today to discuss something that’s very important for both injured longshore clients and defense base act clients. At Garfinkel Schwartz this is all we do. We represent longshoremen and we represent civilian contractors overseas that get injured. Injured war contractors, longshoremen must pick doctors of their own, not employers.

You may watch this “Injured War Contractors, Longhshoremen, Must Pick Doctors,” video on the Garfinkel Schwartz YouTube channel.

Longshoremen Doctors Overused

In the longshoremen realm, the importance of getting your own doctor is paramount. What happens is you have companies that you work for that are longstanding companies in the docks or in the rivers or wherever you are in the great lakes that have their own doctors that they send everyone to.

Those doctors are not necessarily unbiased not necessarily biased but they actually are ingrained into treating people a certain way at the behest of the company meaning that they want you to come back to work as soon as is humanly possible and not achieve proper medical care along with certain therapies that would be recommended for people that would be going to a doctor of your own choosing.

Defense Base Act Law: Right to a Doctor

Under the law you have the right the absolute right to a doctor of your own choosing that is a specialist in whatever injury may occur.

Now when you’re talking about overseas contractors it’s even worse. What happens is you’re overseas at the mercy of the company and they send you to whatever doctor they have on their payroll or whatever doctor that they have that they’ve associated with.Medevac helicopters take contractors to medical care overseas

Contractor Medical Care in Germany, Dubai, Iran

Usually that would be in Germany, possibly Dubai, maybe even Iran. I’ve had clients that have been directed to go to Iran to seek medical treatment. You obviously do not want those people to be diagnosing you without the proper, potential medical training and obviously without the ways of the Western world.

When you get back home after you’re injured it’s very pertinent that you find a doctor in your town of your own choosing that specializes in whatever care that you need is.

Under Diagnosing Highly Complex Diseases

There are specific examples of things that happen when you go to a doctor that’s been chosen by the insurance company or your employer. That would be things like breathing problems where a doctor, a general doctor would just basically say that you have COPD which is a breathing disorder that could be caused by anything including birth. It’s a completely generic description of what your ailment is.

You have to go to a doctor of your choosing to get the proper testing done to get a proper diagnosis to prove your claim. If you don’t do that you’re at the behest of the insurance company and at their mercy and when the y say that you’re OK even if you’re not, they’re going to cut your benefits off and they’re going to say that you can go back to work even though when potentially, you may not be able to go back to work physically or mentally.

Or We Can Help You

And so that’s why the law is at your disposal although people don’t necessarily know that, but you can go to a doctor of your own choosing.

And if you don’t seek legal help which I would highly recommend and if you don’t seek legal help with our firm, what you really need to do is find a doctor that’s well-known in your community that is willing to take your claim on and give you the medical help that you need.

If you can’t do that on your own, we can help you find a doctor that knows about the defense base act or the longshore act that is in tune with what the insurance company’s going to try to do and we can recommend that you see that particular person and even if you don’t hire us, we’ll gladly provide that service to you wherever you may be.

Again this is Brian Wiklendt with Garfinkel Schwartz, I hope I can help, thank you very much for your time.