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Lawyer Has to Fight for Your Case

Did You Hire a Fighter?

Lawyer has to fight for youGarfinkel Schwartz Attorney Brian Wiklendt says that your lawyer has to fight for your case. And what we do is fight for your case every step of the way.

Lawyer Has to Fight for Your Case

This process starts for us the moment that you call and tell us that you need an attorney. I will “vet” your case. I need to be sure that your case is strong so I ask myself is your case winnable? We don’t take every case and we have a very stringent process for screening a case. We won’t take a case we do not believe that we can win. There is no way to ensure that we can and no lawyer should ever tell you that he or she can win your case.

But I’ll fight for your case and I don’t care where I have to travel, what has to be done. That’s my job as your lawyer. I’m in it for the duration no matter how long it goes.

Your attorney should be responding to your calls or answering your questions and filling you in on what is going to happen in the sometimes long legal process ahead in a defense base act case.

We Call You Back and Keep You Informed

Well, maybe they’re in court, or traveling and can’t answer you right away. It’s our policy to call you back and to keep you informed on your case. We will give you plenty of notice that you have a deposition or a court date.

We answer our phones during and after business hours—within reason. I travel a lot but I will call you when I land, I will call you as soon as possible. When your case has a breakthrough I promise you, you’re the first person I want to call with the good news.

I will prepare you for your case: you will not have to gather your doctors’ paperwork or testimony. That’s my job.

I Will Prepare You

Brian Wiklendt top DBA lawyerI will be at your deposition to defend and protect you. I will prepare you before your deposition and let you know what the process is in any legal procedure.

In fact, I’ve talked about and described step by step for you and for anyone who wants to know what happens in a Labor Market Survey.

Learn on Our YouTube Channel

Go to our Garfinkel Schwartz YouTube channel and find out about a Peer Review, a Deposition. We get you comfortable by telling you what will happen.

There are a wide range of Defense Base Act law cases. You may have what’s considered to be a tough PTSD case. That’s not a problem because we will take the time and work with your doctors to help prove that you have a case.

When you have PTSD, there are sometimes cases that can be settled with a few phone calls and others may carry on for a year or more. We cannot predict any outcome. But we can tell you that we would not take a case if we are not confident in it.

You Need a Fighter

You need an attorney that’s going to embrace your case. Fight for it. An attorney who knows and understands and works only in the Defense Base Act law.

That’s a must: your attorney has to know the Defense Base Act because the experience in this area of law is specific, it’s an area that he or she should be practicing in constantly, not as one of their many practice areas.

Defense Base Act Cases Can Be Hard to Prove

Because I’ll tell you that some of these defense base act cases can be hard to prove. And when an attorney says that they’ll take the case they need to be committed to it. It’s a lot of work. It’s a lot of travel. We dig in and do what needs to be done.

You shouldn’t have blind faith in any attorney. You should look the lawyer in the eye and ask them: are you going to fight for me or is this case too hard to win?

You’ll get your answer and you should be asking the question in person. Your attorney should be willing to fly to you and meet you face to face.