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Lawyer Monitors Medical Cases No Charge

Lawyers monitors medical cases no chargeFree Client Claim Monitoring

Hi this is Brian Wiklendt. Happy New Year from Garfinkel Schwartz. I’m here in the Maitland, Florida, Office of Garfinkel Schwartz.

We also have an office in Cocoa Beach, Florida, which is on the Space Coast of Florida.

But I travel around the country regardless of where it is to meet with my clients that are injured overseas as civilian contractors.

 Garfinkel Schwartz Monitors Medical Cases No Charge

I just want to let you know that I haven’t really mentioned this but for several years a Garfinkel Schwartz lawyer monitors medical cases no charge. We do what’s called free client claim monitoring. And what that means is it doesn’t cost any money for me to monitor your case, your claim, even at the very beginning of the case.

And what that means is that you just have you have a lawyer on hand. That in case something happens, in case a denial’s made, in case an insurance company refused to pay, or refuses to get your medical treatment taken care of with your First Choice of Physician, then you have an attorney on your side. On hand right away. Right off the bat before denials happen and other things happen.

Attorney May Prevent Problems

Assure Your Doctor’s Orders Are Followed

The benefit for you is simply that if you have an attorney already on hand monitoring your claim, even if they’re doing all the right things, sooner or later they’re going to try to save money on you. Try to cut you off. Try to get you to go back to work too early.

Maybe they have not abided by your medical recommendations from your doctors. And rely on their own independent medical examination doctors that will say maybe the opposite of what your doctor’s saying.

So it’s always nice to have a claim ready to be filed on hand with someone tracking it. A lawyer like me tracking it so that everything can run more smoothly.

Take Control Over Your Situation

Plus if you have a lawyer right off the bat, the insurance company is less likely to cut you off because it’ll be more costly to fight these things. Than if you are trying to do this on your own and they feel like they can control the situation without you having an attorney on hand.

Currently Monitoring Client Claims

So it’s just an idea. That’s all. It’s free. We monitor several claims. We have clients out overseas right now and they’re not even injured. But if they do get injured they know exactly who to call and I already have a file on them.

We Know Insurance Adjusters, Attorneys

And I know exactly who the insurance company is going to be. If they do get injured I probably would know maybe at this point in time even who the adjuster assigned to the case might be. Or who the lawyer assigned to the case might be. Because this is a very small area of law and we all know each other. And we do claims together in a lot of different settings.

So the chances are I might know your adjuster before you even get injured. Before you can even get assigned to them. Which is a huge advantage obviously.

Again this is Brian Wiklendt signing off from Garfinkel Schwartz. I hope you don’t need me to monitor your case for free. But if you do please call us we’ll set up a file and we’ll make sure everything goes smoothly. And we’ll take everything out of your hands and we’ll take care of everything.

Thank you very much for reading. Take care.