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Longshore Act Help Across U.S.

Hi, this is Brian Wiklendt with Garfinkel Schwartz. I’m coming to you in our Maitland Florida office which is a suburb of Orlando, Florida. We also have offices in Titusville Florida which is right near Port Canaveral.

We Represent Longshoremen Anywhere in the U.S.longshoremen work on u.s. water ways across the country

Garfinkel Schwartz offers Longshore Act help across the U.S. We help a lot of longshore workers that work in Port Canaveral and all across the country.

I’m coming to you today just to let you know that the longshore act is a Federal act, meaning that I can represent longshoremen from everywhere across the country. We do have clients in port cities.

We have longshoremen, clients that work in Port Canaveral on the space coast of Florida, as well as other ports around Florida. However, this is a Federal act.

We Fly to Injured Longshoremen in U.S.

longshore act help across the u.s.The Longshore Act is Federal, meaning that I can represent people from all across the country. And I’m willing to do that and travel to wherever you may be. Especially in port cities where there is a lot of ship building going on and cargo moving going on things like that. All across different ports in the United States, namely: New Orleans, San Diego, Seattle. Along the East coast: Newport News, Virginia; Washington D.C., those types of places. I can also represent people working on the water ways. In the rivers, building bridges, things like that are also part of the longshore act. You’re protected if you are working on rivers or lakes, oil rigs, as well as the docks and various ports around the country. Again, please don’t hesitate to call Garfinkel Schwartz. We do work in the Longshore Act all across the country. I can come to you wherever you may be. We are not limited in terms of whom we can represent across the country. Again, this is Brian Wiklendt, I’m in the Maitland, Florida office today, which is a suburb of Orlando. We also have offices that cater to Longshoremen in Titusville, Florida near Cape Canaveral, Florida. Thanks again for your time.