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Longshore Compensation Act Resources

Client resources on the Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act. The Longshore Act provides medical care and compensation paid by employer insurance carriers to injured or ill employees. Garfinkel Schwartz provides Longshoremen the legal services and full resources of the law firm to receive medical care and compensation.

Contractor World Conflict Update: South & East China Sea

I’d like to take a look at what’s going on overseas and the world conflicts to put on everybody’s radar. This is what we call our Contractor World Conflict Update: South & East China Sea.

Regarding the South China Sea, the U.S. government met unsuccessfully with China to try to de-escalate tensions in this area. This report by Garfinkel Schwartz Defense Base Act attorney Brian Wiklendt is for contractors who may have to travel in support of the U.S. military.

Actually, the Defense Base Act and Longshore and Harbor Workers Act was created to protect the men and women who work overseas and on the seas for the U.S. Government


Brian Wiklendt on DBA, Longshore Law Panel

Brian Wiklendt on DBA, Longshore Panel: Brian Wiklendt will be one of several lawyers debating and discussing topics in a conference session called “Understanding the Orthopedic Evaluation – a Medical and Legal Perspective,” in regards to the Longshore and Harbor Workers Act, Jones Act, and Defense Base Act.

We will address the legal impact of the medical exam on medical claims and talk about:

The importance of clear medical recommendations
Patient compliance with medical care
Insurance carrier authorizations
Identifying work restrictions
The role of a nurse case manager
Communication among the stakeholders in the insurance claims process


Lawyer Monitors Medical Cases No Charge

Garfinkel Schwartz monitors medical cases no charge for many clients. We have clients out overseas right now and they’re not even injured. But if they do get injured they know exactly who to call and I already have a file on them. We are ready to call the insurance companies, monitor to make sure that your doctor’s medical care plan is being followed. This is done for no charge. It’s free client claim monitoring.


Longshoremen Work Physically Demanding

The Longshore and Harbor Worker’s Act protects the rights that Longshoremen need to ensure the best medical care and the accurate compensation when injured. Garfinkel Schwartz protects longshoremen and fights for their medical benefits and financial compensation, one family at a time.


Fourth Generation Longshore, DBA Law Firm

This firm was founded by my father to honor the legacy of my grandfather attorney John M. Schwartz he was an expert in the field of defense base act law and practiced longshore and defense base act law for over 30 years


We Help Longshoremen

really understand the plight of our clients here at Garfinkel Schwartz. We help Longshoremen, civilian contractors and Defense Contractors injured overseas or in our ports and harbors looking and needing medical compensation and benefits that they deserve.


How to Become a Longshoreman

f you’re serious about making longshoreman’s work a career, all the education, certifications or licenses you can obtain before starting this process will be important. You will need a high school diploma.


Small Longshore & DBA Law Firm With Big Resources

When I say resources, we know literally every administrative law judge that practices in this area. We know basically every adjuster for the insurance companies that would be handling client’s claims. We know the district director for for the Department of Labor.


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