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Longshore Compensation Act Resources

Client resources on the Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act. The Longshore Act provides medical care and compensation paid by employer insurance carriers to injured or ill employees. Garfinkel Schwartz provides Longshoremen the legal services and full resources of the law firm to receive medical care and compensation.

Common Injuries to Longshoremen: Part 5 of 6

Longshoremen have been hurt by getting hit or crushed by forklifts. Longshoremen can lose limbs when hands, arms or feet are caught in ropes or hit by a piece of equipment; slipping accidents also happen frequently and can result in drowning.


What’s Required of Longshoremen? Part 4 in Series

Much of the training longshoremen receive comes on-the-job, but certain skill sets are helpful and necessary in order to be successful. An ability to work quickly and efficiently is characteristic of longshoremen, as is very good to excellent physical strength and fitness.


Where Do Longshoremen Work? Part 3 of Series

Where there is cargo, ships, boats and large bodies of water, you’ll probably find a longshoreman. Longshoremen, known also known as harbor workers, are employed at ports of call to work on and near on ocean coasts and bodies of water around the country.


What Do Longshoremen Do?

“Men along the shore!” which then incepted the term “longshoremen.” Longshoremen work in all weather conditions and at all hours of the day and night because it is a 24-hour work operation that never stops


Beware of Insurance Peer Reviews

the ammunition that the insurance companies have when your involved in a claim of an injury under the Defense Base Act or the Longshore Act. The weapons that they employ without your knowledge are several and very powerful things that they use to try to deny your claims or deny your benefits as soon as they can


Longshore Act Rights for Longshoremen

Sometimes you need specialists; say that you’re injured and your back is injured terribly or you get hit by a forklift, a piece of luggage hits you in the head. They may, I’ve seen before that they send you to the same doctor regardless if he is just a general practitioner


Longshore Act Help Across U.S.

The Longshore Act is Federal, meaning that Garfinkel Schwartz can represent people from all across the country. And we’re willing to do that by traveling to wherever you may be. Especially in port cities where there is a lot of ship building going on and cargo moving.


What Employers Won’t Tell You About the Longshore Act

Lead counsel for Garfinkel Schwartz Brian Wiklendt met recently with Fort Pierce Florida Longshoremen’s Union members and told them the two things that employers will not tell them: 1) that lawyers don’t charge for fees 2) that they can choose their own doctor for medical care


Longshore Act Average Weekly Wage

Titusville Florida Longshore Act law attorney Brian Wiklendt explains that insurance companies might not pay you what you are owed in your average weekly wage. But when you have a DBA attorney for the long term you can be sure that your rights will be protected.


DBA Attorney, Longshore Attorney Protects You

Titusville, FL longshore attorney and DBA attorney with Garfinkel Schwartz Brian Wiklendt talks about the tricks that insurance companies pull to deny claims. The only way to fight an insurer fairly is with an experienced Defense Base Act and Longshore Act attorney.


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