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Longshore Harbor Workers Act Help  

Hi, my name is Brian Wiklendt I’m with Garfinkel Schwartz and I’m here at our Titusville office today.

You can watch the video “Longshore Harbor Workers Act” on the Garfinkel Schwartz, P.A., YouTube channel.

Longshore Harbor Workers Act

I’d like to talk to you about the Longshore Act and the workers that are covered under that act. One of the reasons we have a Titusville office is that we want to be close to the ports where people tend to get injured and where the dangerous jobs are which is in Port Canaveral which is just right down the street.

We understand the complexities and the dangers that are involved working in the harbor, working as longshoremen, building boats and this local area has given us a lot of feedback as to what insurance companies do to try to limit your recovery under the Longshore act. And what we’re here to do is make sure that that does not happen to you

Insurers Knowingly Deny Longshoremen Benefits

And we’re here to protect our own here on the east coast of Florida because we’ve seen many, many insurance companies deny benefits to longshoremen knowing that they should be paid and compensated adequately. We’re here for you locally and we’re here for you nationally. And we hope that you call us if you have any types of claims or injuries as a result of your dangerous work on the harbor and the waters and the ports of Florida.

Don’t Go to Their Doctor—You Get to Choose

When you call if you have a claim or think you have a claim which would fall under the Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act, don’t let the employer or the insurance company tell you you don’t have a claim or you need to go to their doctor and come back to work.

If you would contact our office, we would be able to help you to figure out exactly what direction your claim needs to go in.

We Help Clients Figure Out What to Do

We have clients who work for cruise lines as baggage handlers that quite frequently come in with back injuries and shoulder injuries.

We have clients who work as product, loading palettes of product on and off of cruise ships. We have people who have been hit by forklifts, people who have actually fallen from docks, into the water and so we see the gamut, all the way from foot, knee, shoulder, back injuries that occur from various activities that ship loaders, whether they be loading luggage or whether they be loading palettes of merchandise that they suffer from.

What You’re Entitled to Under the Longshore Act

Under the longshore harbor workers act claimants are entitled to lost wages which many times the injured worker is the sole provider of the family; they are entitled to lost wages. They are entitled to medical benefits and if they don’t get those things that they are entitled to it can have an impact on their entire family.

Again, my name is Brian Wiklendt, I’m with Garfinkel Schwartz. I’m a longshore harbor workers act attorney in Titusville, FL, protecting and serving the interests of Longshoremen. I thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.