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Meet Brian Wiklendt DBA Lawyer

Brian Wiklendt DBA AttorneyHi this is Brian Wiklendt with Garfinkel Schwartz coming to you today from my office upstairs in the Maitland Florida office. We also have offices in Cocoa Beach Florida on the Space Coast.

Meet Brian Wiklendt DBA Lawyer

I’ve done a lot of videos to try to help potential clients and overseas contractors and longshoremen try to understand a complicated law that’s basically monopolized by the insurance companies.

I’ve done several of those interviews and today against my better judgment, I’m having to talk about myself in a kind of casual atmosphere. I just got back from a trip, didn’t want to put a suit on.

Here’s a Little About Me

Pittsburgh Steelers Fan

But just a little bit about myself, I was born and raised in Lower Rural Pennsylvania which is a suburb of Pittsburgh. Meaning that I’m a diehard lifelong Pittsburgh Steelers fan. And I’m devastated there’s five months I have to sit and watch golf instead of NFL football. But I’ll make it through.

My grandfather owned a bar in the suburbs of New Kensington Pennsylvania. My grandmother worked at the bakery three doors down from the bar. So I wouldn’t say I grew up in a bar but when I was a young little kid I remember being there.

Both my parents were schoolteachers and so is my sister. I think that’s what instilled in me to get good grades in school and study and work hard and read a lot.

Family Worked Coal Mines, Steel Mill

Basically some of my relatives worked at the coal mine. Some of my relatives worked at the steel mill and when I was a kid they used to make me go with them to their jobs to see how horrible the conditions were especially in the coal mines. My uncle died of black lung. So I guess all the way to the beginning that I got scared and went to a good college. Emory University in Atlanta.

Anyhow that through my life that kind of scared me that I may have to do these types of jobs under these horrible working conditions. And now I feel the same way about my clients: I know what kind of horrible working conditions there sometimes may be overseas especially in a war zone.

I Know My Clients Have Really Struggled

Living in a tent with rocks. People not really understanding what goes on. How crazy it is there and so I kind of empathize all the way back when I was watching my uncle in three feet of water try and get coal out of a mine. And so I call myself a blue collar guy because I think I am.

I think my biggest benefit in life is that I think I can get along with just about anybody. I go drink beer with clients, I drink tea with clients, I pray to God with clients. I can do just about anything.

People Are Interesting to Me

I played four sports in high school, I also hung out with people who played chess. I kind of was interested in the smart crowd because I was in those types of classes. I also hung out with the bad people. I just was … it’s my personality.

So in a given day my Dad would ask, “what are you doing?” I could playing you know Dungeons and Dragons with some kids over there or I could be in a bike gang over on the Left Side. I could have my jean jacket on. I pride myself on empathizing and getting to know and like every segment of society.

I’m not going to say that I’d be happy hanging out with a bunch of senators but I think I could probably do that for a night too. Hobnobbing with judges, whatever.

But what I really like to be do is fish, golf, try to play tennis with my wife. But I’m not really good at tennis, it never stuck with me from Pittsburgh…we don’t play tennis in Pittsburgh really much.

Nothing Like a Good Meal–Cheap

Other than that I’m just on the road a lot. I really enjoy cooking and eating good food that’s cheap. That’s my goal in life is that every place that I go and I’m going next week to Raleigh North Carolina and I’m already looking at joins and places that you can get really great food that’s a locals type situation. You don’t have to pay all this money for it. So that’s kind of what I do, that’s how I get my pleasure when I’m traveling other than being with my clients.

I do like to try to find cool values and kind of dive bars like my grandfather owned. So this is Brian Wiklendt, I hopefully get a little sense of who I am. Hopefully if you ever get in a jam just please call me. It doesn’t cost you anything. That’s the best part of the law.

Insurance Companies WILL Screw You

So the worst case scenario is that we have a nice conversation and I give you some advice we hope for the best. But in the meantime, just be assured that sometime down the line the insurance company is going to try to screw you. There’s just no doubt about it.

Again, this is Brian Wiklendt. Nice chatting with you. I’m in the Maitland office upstairs in Garfinkel Schwartz. Signing off. Take care.