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New Bill Aimed at Protecting Contractors

There’s a new bill aimed at protecting contractors in Congress that’s been proposed to help protect the interests of foreign workers—Third Country Nationals–hired by U.S. Department of Defense to work at U.S. Government buildings and bases overseas.

The bill has to get through the Senate and at this point is in its first stage, was introduced by Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) and can be read and listened to at this Link to Civilian Contractor Bill.

The Defense Base Act was incepted to take care of the medical and financial compensation of workers injured while working for the U.S. Government and the Department of Defense in dangerous areas where the U.S. is engaged in military conflicts and war zones.

The Non-Appropriated Fund Act covers the health care and compensation needed by anyone who works on a U.S. government military base overseas.

The bill, incepted in January of 2015 to enforce the protection of foreign workers, also called third country nationals, was asked by the Government Accountability Office to help watch over contractor employment actions.

Military and government department of defense employers often hire people quickly, at lowered costs to meet the needs of security, development and budgets. Third Country Nationals are often brought from countries outside of areas where defense contractors are needed because the security is higher if using staff from Asia, Africa, South America vs. those in the areas where there are conflicts.

Garfinkel Schwartz works with Third Country Nationals and is committed to helping families and individuals from around the world who have been injured or who have had loved ones killed on the job working for DoD contractors.

If you need help to get medical care and financial compensation for a loved one who worked overseas as a civilian contractor, a federal contractor, a Department of Defense military contractor or who was a Third Country National or asub-contractor, but who was denied health care, death benefits or compensation, talk with an attorney experienced in the Defense Base Act law.

Garfinkel Schwartz is committed to helping one family at a time.