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Our Clients Are the Heroes of 2015

defense base act lawyer sand stormHi this is Brian Wiklendt with Garfinkel Schwartz here in Maitland Florida.

“Our Clients Are the Heroes of 2015,” is the theme of the year and I just wanted to take time to wish everyone a happy holidays and explain what happened during this past year and what’s ahead for 2016.

Thank You to All Our Clients

I do want to sincerely thank every one of our clients and their spouses for helping us and working with us together to get the benefits that you deserve under the Defense Base Act and the Longshore Act.

This whole thing started in 2015 for this year it was January 5 I got ready and we had a trial in San Diego. We’re still waiting for the results of that trial but hopefully they’ll be favorable.

From Oklahoma to Kansas

And since that time I’ve been to so many different places that it’s tough to even explain. I really enjoyed for the first time going to Oklahoma and Kansas which those were places I’d never been before.

People were very hospitable and very nice area of the country that I hadn’t been before.

Santa Fe New Mexico Visit Coming Up

I’m planning on going to Santa Fe New Mexico in January which I’ve never been and Arizona as well and I’m excited to do that. I think my wife might be joining me for one of those trips.

But they’re all great and there are other trips that I’ll endeavor.

Erie Pennsylvania Visit Planned

Erie Pennsylvania in January may not be a very fun place to be in January. But when I get into town and I get to see my clients up front and visit their houses, it gives me a good reward.

My Job is to Get You Benefits

Even if I’m in three feet of snow it really doesn’t make much difference when I’m with them in person so I can understand just what they’re going through and what their household is going through as a result of the insurance companies failing to deliver which is what I’m here for to make sure the insurance companies give you what you deserve.

So again happy holidays I’ve been a lot of places in the last year and I just want to wish everyone a happy holidays and thank my clients and their spouses for fighting the good fight with us together so that we can the benefits that everyone deserves under the Defense Base Act and the Longshore Act.

I’ve been to so many places that it’s tough to explain but I enjoyed myself all across the country.

Traumatic Brain Injuries, PTSD, Burn Pits

I’ve had clients this past year in 2015 that have suffered from traumatic brain injuries, PTSD, respiratory problems based on burn pits and sand storms.

I’ve had trials and tribulations, settlements, heartache and joy. And that’s what I would like to do for this upcoming year as well.

Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas Visits

I’ve seen this stuff before I’ve been to a lot of people’s houses and that’s what I really like to do. Whether that be Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, I’m going to Texas next week.

Clients in Australia, Germany, Europe

Anywhere across the country and we actually have clients around the world and in Australia and Germany, Europe, all scattered throughout Europe.

So I’m really glad that my voice is finally being heard and we can help these people that don’t understand what their rights are especially under the Defense Base Act.

Helping Third Country Nationals

Including Third Country Nationals what wouldn’t even know they’re covered under a Federal law U.S. Federal law even when they’re not from America.

So it’s been a really wide range and gamut of things that I’ve been exposed to and I’ve done and I really, really do appreciate the opportunity to help people that are helping our country and helping fight the good fight overseas.

So again thank you and if we can we’ll help anytime 24-7 no matter where you are across the country or across the world.

Again this is Brian from Garfinkel Schwartz. Thank you so much for everything. Happy holidays. Take care.