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Questions We Ask When You Call

Doreen Cabral & Answering Team Questions

When you call 1-800-393-2999 to reach the Garfinkel Schwartz offices our paralegal Doreen Cabral or our answering team will ask you private questions.

We only ask questions so that we may help you more quickly and get you started if you decide you’d like to work with us as you defense base act law firm.

Everything that you ask us is 100% confidential and your information remains with us, private, even if you don’t become a client. We assure you that any information that you do send to us or share with us is strictly confidential and will never be divulged to a third party unless we have your written authorization to do so.

Questions We Ask When You Call

Here’s what Doreen Cabral, our team paralegal, may ask you when you call to talk with us about what happened to you overseas on a military base or in a war zone:

  1. May I ask where you’re calling from?
  2. Have you been seen by any physician since the accident occurred?
  3. And when was the day of the accident?
  4. Tell me a little bit about what exactly happened?
  5. And were there any witnesses to your accident?
  6. Did you file a report with your employer?
  7. Do you have a copy of that report perhaps?
  8. I can make an appointment for you to speak with Brian Wiklendt. What’s your schedule like for either today or sometime next week?
  9. Is there a good number that we could reach you at?
  10. And do you have an e-mail so you could possibly send me the report of injury?
  11. May I ask how you were referred to our office?
  12. Did you hear about us through the Internet or were you referred to us by someone else that you worked for?
  13. OK well I will check with Brian Wiklendt and we will be speaking with you next week how’s that?
  14. Do you have any questions for us?

These are just a few examples of questions that we will ask you so that we may more quickly help you if you decide to work with us.

Hiring an attorney is a big decision. Garfinkel Schwartz is committed to helping one family at a time. If you want to find out answers to your questions about your injury or illness we will take your name and contact phone number when you call us if we are not in the office.

Doreen or Brian will call you back when they get to the office and are available.