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Resources for Longshoremen and Defense Contractors

medical care and social servicesHi this is Brian Wiklendt coming to you from Garfinkel Schwartz here in Maitland Florida it’s a suburb of Orlando. We also have offices in Cocoa Beach Florida on the space coast of Florida.

We’re going to share with you what we can do to help you with resources for longshoremen and defense contractors while you’re waiting for a trial date.

We’ll Travel to You Wherever You Are

But we also travel all across the country helping longshoremen and defense base act clients even in other countries if that need be. So just because of our location in Florida please don’t shy away from giving us a call no matter where you are because we’ll come to you.

Meet Bennett, Legal Assistant Garfinkel Schwartz

I’m here today to introduce my law clerk Bennett Garfinkel. And what Bennett does is in terms of non-related type issues he helps our clients and their families while I’m fighting the fight against the insurance companies which may take a decent deal of time pending on the judge’s calendar and travel schedules and the court docket.

Sometimes it takes awhile to get through the court system. During that time in our firm, we tend to try to help people non-legally speaking along with the legal process. I take care of the legal process.

We Hear Your Problems and We’ll Try to Help

When I get into conversations with my clients that become alarming to me in terms of their financial burdens and situations, their medical denials and them not getting treatment and medication that they deserve to get which they have no where with all to get at that time. Instead of just telling them I’ll be with you in eight months when the judge finally sets up our in court, I give that file over to Bennett.

And Bennett is an extraordinary young man. He cares about people tremendously. He’s been through a lot on his own. He’ll tell you a little about himself as well. But what happens is that I just give him a portion of the file, in terms of my conversations that I have with the client. It has nothing to do with the law necessarily. It has to do with their family and the problems and what I think that they might need socially, not legally.

Bennett Tackles Problems That Happen While You’re Waiting for Trial

So what he does is he grabs the file, and he’ll explain what he does when I give him a brief summary of what’s going on with the client, what I think their family needs and what they’re going through, and what I think we can possibly do for them. I do that in a general way while I’m doing the law, I hand it over to trusty Bennett here and he takes care of the rest. So Bennett, explain.

Bennett Understands Your Challenges

Yes, well I’ve been through multiple spinal surgeries myself, I’ve been through five spinal surgeries so I know the difficulties of being injured. Your job when you’re injured is only to get better and it’s very very difficult when you don’t have the medical benefits or they’re pending. Brian takes care of that.

We’ll Help Look for Resources to Help You

What I like to do is I like to look through social media through traditional media through news media contacting the problem solvers in news organizations or finding non-governmental organizations, religious organizations, union resources all sorts of different modalities to get you help now.

We like to go above and beyond, we don’t just go through the legal aspects, we care about your family. That’s our slogan here, one family at a time and we really mean that. We really want to help you guys individually right now.

Legal processes can take a long time. They can take multiple months. The Department of Labor is a complicated and a convoluted process. Brian is quite experienced in this aspect. What I like to do is I like to get you any resources that I can immediately as soon as possible.

Whether that’s finding help through social media, through different campaigns through news organizations through looking at charities. Through looking at different types of organizations even through the Affordable Care Act.

You, Your Family May Need Help with Things Right Now

There’s a lot of different ways that I can guarantee that you can get some help immediately whether that be psychiatric, whether that be medical, whether that be resources for your family, even food, you know there’s so many different aspects that you need to survive, to carry on your lifestyle to be able to be comfortable and to make sure that you can focus on healing not worrying about your families resources.

Not worrying about you know when you’re going to get your medicines filled, when you’re going to get a doctors appointment. These are all really really just serious issues and while Brian will get you will hopefully get you the benefits that you deserve, the compensation that you deserve. My job is to help you right now. And that’s where our law firm is a little bit different than the others. We really care about the family, we really care about getting you the help that you need immediately.

Medical Help, News, Charities, Religious, Union Resources

I’ve worked with the Red Cross I’m a paramedic and I know some aspects of the medical industry, and I can help you find different doctors, I can help you find different charities, different organizations and I’ll talk to you guys. I’ll make sure you guys are comfortable with everything that I’m going to do for you. And make sure that you can get the resources and the help that you need, right here, right now while the lawsuit’s pending.

Again this is Brian and Bennett with Garfinkel Schwartz from our Maitland Florida office. Signing off. We also have offices in Cocoa Beach Florida on the Space Coast of Florida near Port Canaveral. Thank you very much for your time.