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Small Longshore & DBA Law Firm With Big Resources

Longshore and DBA Lawyer Brian WiklendtFlorida Longshore Act and Defense Base Act Firm

Hi I’m Brian Wiklendt with Garfinkel Schwartz I’m coming to you from our Maitland Florida office which is a suburb of Orlando, that’s where I live. We also have offices in Cocoa Beach Florida on the space coast of Florida next to Port Canaveral. We also travel all across the country representing longshore and Defense Base clients. That’s all we do.

We Have 30 Years of Resources

This video is kind of self serving in a way and usually I don’t do this but I’m going to have to brag about our firm. We are on paper a small Longshore & DBA law firm. A family atmosphere firm that’s based on a family that’s been doing this for thirty years. If you see us on paper, you see a couple people that are trying to help out many all across the country might be a daunting task if you see that.

Small Firm, Large Resources

However we’re a small firm with very large resources. Let me explain what I mean. This area of law is very narrow the Defense Base Act and the Longshore Act are very narrow areas of Federal law that are very complicated that people don’t really understand that a normal general practitioner attorney is not going to know what to do.

That’s why we study this every day and we learn something new every day. When I say that we’re a small firm with large resources, the resources come from thirty years of experience in the industry.

Department of Labor Director

When I say resources, she knows literally every administrative law judge that practices in this area. She knows basically every adjuster for the insurance companies that would be handling client’s claims. She knows the district director for thirty years for the Department of Labor.

We Know Judges, Adjusters, Claims Agents

So when you’re talking about big resources you’re talking about the ins and outs of practicing this area of law. It makes my job really easy because we also have a paralegal that is pretty good in medical research and finding medical resources for clients.

Labor Market Survey People

Knows all the labor market survey people. She knows all the people who will be interviewing for vocational evaluations. She knows the doctors to recommend all across the country in major cities as to who would be more amenable to help Defense Base Act or Longshore claimants. These resources although look pretty small on paper end up being pretty large in the long scheme of things.

This is a small close knit community I know probably almost every defense attorney that could ever come our way. I know them personally or through other people. I’m getting to know all the judges but like I said all I have to do is ask staff who know:

  • What does this judge do in this certain circumstance?
  • What does this judge look for?
  • What does this adjuster want to see to pay out on a claim?
  • Well how much is this case worth in the community?
  • What’s the going rate?
  • How do you analyze a person’s average weekly wage?

They know this. They’ve known it for 30 years.

There’s been wars going on in that for the last five to ten years. They know all the arguments, they we already have the briefs all the briefs. There aren’t many issues that I come across that we haven’t already been at battle at.

John M. Schwartz, Lawmaker, Veteran

My predecessor, the now deceased Mr. Schwartz actually set the law for Longshoremen going to the federal court and getting people that work on boats that are a certain size under the Longshore Act. That was his job and his pioneering that he did. He was also a military veteran in the Vietnam War. So we our firm has a very close touch with people that serve the country and that’s why we’re there, that’s why we’re here.

Small Firm, Big Resources

So when you look at a small firm and you look at the few people that are involved on our website, just remember we have big resources. And the website is www.DefenseBaseActLaw.com I hope you can learn some things. We have a bunch of articles and a lot of self-help tips for people that may become injured overseas or they’re injured on the waters and the ports in the United States.

Thank you very much for your time I appreciate it, I hope I can help you at some time in the future. Again this is Brian Wiklendt signing off from the Maitland Florida offices of Garfinkel Schwartz.