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There’s Help for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

post traumatic stress disorder makes the brain fight itselfShell shock. Battle fatigue. Post traumatic stress disorder. My name’s Bennett Garfinkel and I’m here to talk to you today about a medical condition that many of our clients unfortunately have felt.

You may watch the video on the Garfinkel Schwartz YouTube channel called, “There’s Help for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.”

I’m coming to you from the Maitland offices of Garfinkel Schwartz. We’re a fourth generation law firm that’s practiced in this area of Federal law for decades.

I’m neither an attorney nor a physician but here at Garfinkel Schwartz, I’m the medical and legal researcher.

I studied psychology and abnormal psychology and how the brain works in college. And I also was a volunteer field medic for months in Central America which at the time was an extremely active conflict zone.

I’m holding in my hand a .50-caliber bullet. This round will explode with 7200 pounds of force at 4000 p per second. It’s extremely loud and I’ve seen what happens to human beings when they’re hit by it.

Those images will never come out of my mind.

PTSD Turns the Brain Against Itself

This is a .50 caliber round.

This is a .50 caliber round.

Unfortunately, post traumatic stress disorder turns the brain against itself. Memories cannot be forgotten. Memories are relived to the point where individuals hear a door closing, or a loud noise, or a car backfiring and will feel like they’re back in a war zone.

Military Contractors Have Been Exposed to Hazards of War

Now since our clients are military contractors, defense contractors and military personnel, many of them have been exposed to hazards of war and extreme situations like this.

They come home and they’re not exactly sure what they’re experiencing. Paranoia, inability to sleep, panic attacks, anxiety are all symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder. There are however treatments and one of my jobs here at Garfinkel Schwartz is to help individuals find treatments, and find physicians, find psychiatrists that are at the cutting edge of research and how to treat this extremely, extremely debilitating condition.

Many Drug and Non-Drug Therapies Available

Many many therapies exist and many are just coming out now. Of course there are medications, there’s anti-depressants, anti-anxiety medications but there’s also many forms of non-drug therapy.

Talk therapy has been very important. Cognitive therapy which is just going over some of the events in your head and recognizing that some of the anxiety when you’re back at home isn’t exactly warranted.

There’s also equine therapy and canine therapy and these two animal therapies have been very, very important.

Equine therapy for instance are pack animals so they’re very very attuned to emotions of humans and other horses.

And when an individual with post traumatic stress disorder is around these animals it can also result in a lot of stress relief and a lot of calming down.

When you’re calm the horse is calm, when the horse is calm, you’re calm.

Canine Therapy May Help Get Rid of Symptoms

Injured U.S. Civilian ContractorsAnother therapy is canine therapy and dogs have been shown to be very, very, very helpful to alleviate symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder.

Petting an animal is helpful in many medical conditions but certainly in psychological or neurological ones like post traumatic stress disorder.

And finally there’s virtual reality therapies as well they’re called exposure therapies. One might explain to their therapist what they went through and almost like a video game they’ll go through the situation again.

And while that sounds scary, reliving and reliving a situation not in your head but actually in a virtual reality set has been shown to improve these symptoms as well.

So if you feel that you’ve developed some kind of psychological invisible wound from your deployment in country, give us a call.

We Work With Clients Across U.S., Around the World

We’re located in Central Florida and on the Space Coast of Florida.

We will fly to you. We will litigate for you no matter state you live in or what country you live in. That’s a very important aspect here at Garfinkel Schwartz.

We’re a national law firm we practice under Federal statutes and we will come to you.

Again my name is Bennett Garfinkel, I’m the fourth generation but not yet a lawyer, but I will be in law school, of this family legacy that has been helping civilian contractors, longshoremen and individuals injured on federal military bases for decades and I’m coming to you again from the Maitland offices here at Garfinkel Schwartz. Thank you for your time.