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We Advance Medical Evaluation Costs

Medical careHi this is Brian Wiklendt from Garfinkel Schwartz coming to you today from our Maitland Florida office we also have a Cocoa Beach Florida office on the east coast of Florida. But we travel everywhere wherever a client may be across the United States and other countries. I go there if that’s where the court case will be litigated.

Prove Health Issues Are Valid

I want to talk to you today about what our firm does which is, “We Advance Medical Evaluation Costs,” so that we can assess your case and you know what’s wrong with you. At Garfinkel Schwartz we advance medical evaluation costs for clients who need to show medical issues are real and need short and or longterm care.

You have to understand exactly what your medical condition is: is it permanent, can you recover, how long will it take to get well? What kind of surgery do you need? Medical long-term and short-term recovery plan, rehabilitation, everything you need to recover and take care of yourself and your family.

How Does This Work?

At Garfinkel Schwartz we advance medical evaluation costs to help you show that there is or there isn’t a medical issue. The way it works is that when we accept your case and you become a client, a doctor of your choosing, an impartial doctor, is chosen to evaluate your case. The doctor will tell you whether you need long-term or short-term care. Will you need ongoing medical care? Will you need rehabilitation? Will you need multiple surgeries?

That’s for an impartial doctor to decide. This is the kind of evaluation that an insurer will not want to cover so yes, we advance medical evaluation costs. We take the risk: if the case is proven, the medical fees are repaid to Garfinkel Schwartz. If the case is not proven, we absorb the medical evaluation as a part of the case.

This means you don’t pay us for the medical evaluation: the insurer or the employer will pay when the case is over. The same is true of the legal fees. The legal fees are paid by the Department of Labor, insurers and employers: not by you the client.

This is what separates us from other Defense Base Act and Longshore Act law firms. We advance the costs of medical evaluations, if they’re necessary, to prove the case for our clients. What I mean by that is we can’t pay for any of your medical care, but we can pay for medical evaluations.

Your medical evaluations are what’s needed to show that there is a valid health reason for your case. It’s the proof you need to show insurers, employers that your health issues are real. The cases are based upon health, injuries, long-term or short-term.

We Pay for Medical Evaluations: We Take the Risk

And I when I mean pay, I mean we advance the medical evaluation costs on your behalf to be collected later from the insurance company or employer. And when that’s necessary after we’ve talked about things and we’ve taken the risk with you that you definitely are entitled to benefits that they’re denying, we have to find doctors and experts on our side to be able to prove the case.

For example a lot of a lot of insurance companies don’t want to pay for surgeries. So they get to do an evaluation that’s haphazard. The go through some tests and say, “these things are not just not medically necessary.”

Doctor of Your Choosing to Evaluate You

Wouldn’t it be nice if you do you go to a doctor of your own choosing. Your lawyer advances the cost for you and you get an evaluation as to what your true injury is and what the true course of treatment should be. And you do not rely on the insurance company to tell you that.

That’s a very powerful tool especially when you’re talking about back injuries and neck injuries and things like that, that could be permanent in nature.

Respiratory, TBI, PTSD Testing

Another area of injury that insurance companies just do not want to recognize are respiratory issues and Traumatic Brain Injury type of issues along with PTSD. Those are the three, the big ones.

Along with you who have those problems, we have some clients that have that suffered from abdominal pain and problems with parasites and diarrhea and vomiting things like that. Which is basically bacterial infections that are there traveling overseas and sometimes they stay with you for a long time. And insurance companies just kind of don’t want anyone to know what you have.

Whether you have Constrictive Bronchiolitis from burn pits or sand storms, they don’t really want to endeavor into what your gastro problem might be. Whether it’s permanent or if it was just food poisoning for a couple of days.

They Won’t Help You: We Will

They don’t want to address the situation that you might have a permanent traumatic brain injury from hitting your head or from being involved in an explosion. Those types of things they don’t really want to spend the money necessary to get a proper diagnosis.

So what we do is we find a person a doctor that’s a specialist in the area that we that we think you should be evaluated for. We find those people across the country. We do some research on them to make sure that they’re going to be neutral people, neutral doctors that are NOT working for insurance companies.

We pay for the initial assessment and the initial reports and whatever comes out, comes out. If a client is evaluated for PTSD because of the symptoms that they’re having and the doctor that we pay for and we advance the cost for says that he doesn’t believe that the symptoms there are caused from PTSD, they’re caused by other depression from the family or whatever it is. Then, that’s our report and we go forward from there.

Honest Medical Evaluations, Neutral Doctors

Although if the opposite occurs and you get tested for PTSD or traumatic brain injury and a test comes out positive that you’ve been diagnosed with this from a doctor of your own choosing, then we have an expert that we can have explain to the judge, and say, “hey this is what happened to this person. This is a serious thing; this is not some trivial thing that insurance companies are trying to dismiss. This could affect a person’s work history and the rest of our lives. And it’s something that has to be taken care of and treated the proper way.

So I’m very proud to tell you that Garfinkel Schwartz has the wherewithal to advance the costs for these evaluations which helps everyone get on an even playing field against the insurance company so that a judge sees and hears your treating physician of your own choosing saying this is what the proper course of treatment should be.

This is what the proper diagnosis is and that way you can get the benefits you actually truly deserve under the law. And you have neutral doctors working on your behalf.

You Never Pay for Medical Evaluations, Ever: Insurers or Employers or No One

And then of course if we get benefits for you, then that money will be recovered, Those costs will be recovered by the law firm but from the insurance company or the carrier for the insurance company or your employer. Whoever is ultimately responsible for the benefits that they denied you.

If we don’t recover benefits, you will not pay for the medical evaluation. This is a no risk situation for clients. We take the risk and we work to help you.

I hope this is of some benefit to you and you know that it doesn’t cost anything at all to be represented by our firm. It’s a no risk type situation.

No Risk Medical Evaluations

We take the risk of doing the evaluation just so that we know what’s wrong with you so that we’re not wasting time, you’re not wasting time, and we’re going forward with things that are concrete in nature. Their testing doesn’t lie and the access to the testing is the thing that a lot insurance companies don’t allow you they don’t afford to that possibility.

They give you cheap tests and x-rays and things like that and say nothing’s wrong and you can go back to work and so that’s one of the things that we’re proud to provide. And it really does help out in the long run because insurance companies know we’re serious. And they now know that they’re going against a neutral doctor that specializes in the area of where you are injured. It really does help.

Call Me Anytime, 24 Hours a Day

Again, call me anytime. I’d love to help out. I understand the situations, the pain, the fear, the discomfort, the not knowing what to do next. We know the situations that you’re in and there is a way out.

I understand that a lot of people have been denied and that they don’t have private medical insurance and they don’t know where to go. So at the least we can do is to pay for the evaluation, advance the cost for the evaluation to make sure you know exactly what’s wrong with you and how to go forward.

Thanks for reading this. This is Brian signing off from the Maitland office of Garfinkel Schwartz.