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We Fight Employers and Insurance Companies

sand storm dba lawyer callHi this is Brian Wiklendt with Garfinkel Schwartz. I’m coming to you today from our Maitland Florida office. We also have an office in Cocoa Beach Florida which is on the Space Coast.

But I travel all across the country wherever my clients tend to be is where I go.

Today I want to talk to you to people that are civilian contractors who have been injured overseas working for an employer, a big company, a defense contractor. Garfinkel Schwartz we fight employers and insurance companies for civilian contractors who get hurt or sick working overseas.

Garfinkel Schwartz Fights for You

We’ll fight for you against the biggest insurance companies, the largest of the defense contractors, any employer you worked for overseas, across the world as a civilian contractor.

So to make it very if you worked and you got injured at a military base or an airport maybe or a port authority. Or maybe you’re working somewhere outside of the United States under a government contract whether that be Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa, Germany. Anywhere in the world.

This is for people that are covered under the Longshore Act, the Continental Shelf Act, the Non-Appropriated Funds Act, the Defense Base Act.

Our clients under the Defense Base Act are called a bunch of different things.

Civilian Contractors

I’ve heard them called overseas contractors, federal contractors, private military contractors, overseas translators, military translators, linguists, field operations personnel. Whatever that is, whatever you’re called, and sometimes you’re the forgotten people in our society, basically.

And what I mean by that is that you have no voice if you see something or you get affected by something overseas that is a tragic occurrence, that might be a brutal occurrence that might cause potential mental problems when you get back home.

A lot of people don’t know that these benefits are out there and the benefits are very significant for the people and for the families who have a loved one injured as a result of an overseas contract.

So basically Section One of the Defense Base Act basically says that it covers any contractor or subcontractor that has a government contract with the United States.

And that such person under the contract is working outside the United States and that basically the reason for this coverage and this provision is that if you were working outside the United States for a company and you were injured you would have the rights and benefits due you under your state’s worker’s compensations rights and statutes.

The problem is that sometime down the road, no matter when that may be, could be years from now may be months from now, the insurance company or the company are going to find a way to cut you off and it happens time and time again. All they have to find is any shrivel of evidence or any type of something in writing from a medical provider that will enable them to make even if it’s a frivolous argument to make any type of argument to cut you off.

Don’t Wait Til Things Get Worse

When I say cut you off I don’t mean that they actually notify you and give you advance notice. No. You just go to your mailbox one day and your check isn’t there. And then you receive something from the department of labor showing that they’re now cutting all of your benefits off and that’s your final compensation that you got on your last check. What happens to families is atrocious.

And that’s why we’re here to fight for you. You might be sick, you could be injured, you could be in the hospital. Your family wants you to heal. We want you to heal and get better. You have to take care of yourself and we’ll fight your employers or your insurance companies.

Employers & Contractors You May Have Worked For:

  • AAR
  • Academi LLC
  • Agility Logistics
  • Aegis
  • AIG
  • Air America
  • Airlift Group
  • Ambassador Services
  • Blackwater
  • Boeing Co.
  • Brown & Root
  • Caddell Construction
  • Cargo Security Management
  • Ceres Marine Terminals, Inc
  • Chartis
  • Consolidated Resources
  • Continental
  • CNA
  • Dyncorp
  • Eriny’s International
  • ESIS
  • Excelis System
  • Fluor
  • General Dynamics Corp.
  • Global Linguist Solutions
  • Global Linguistics
  • Global Strategies
  • Johnson Controls
  • KBR-PWC Logistics
  • L-3 Communications Corp
  • Linc Government Services
  • Lockheed Martin
  • MPRI
  • North American Technology
  • Northrup Grumman Corp.
  • Olive Group North America
  • Presido
  • PWC Logistics
  • Raytheon Co.
  • Science Application/Chartis
  • Securing Our Country
  • SEI
  • Service Employees International
  • Torres Advanced Enterprise
  • Titan Corp
  • Tri-Net HR Corporation
  • United Technologies Corp.
  • Worldsource
  • Zurich

We’re going to battle insurance companies, employers to fight for you, for your health care, for your compensation, while you recover. You will pay no attorney fees because your legal fees are covered under The Defense Base Act Law and the Longshore and Harbor Workers Act Law.

So again this is Brian Wiklendt signing out from the Maitland office of Garfinkel Schwartz. You can call me any time and talk about whatever you’re having problems with. Thank you very much for your time.