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We Help Longshoremen

We Help Longshoremen

Hi my name is Bennett Garfinkel and I’m a legal assistant here at Garfinkel Schwartz. I’m coming to you today from our Maitland office in Central Florida right near Orlando.

I’m here to talk to you a little bit today about family now I really understand the plight of our clients here at Garfinkel Schwartz. We help Longshoremen, civilian contractors and Defense Contractors injured overseas or in our ports and harbors looking and needing medical compensation and benefits that they deserve.

I’ve Had Five Spinal Surgeries

Now I really, really understand this because I personally have gone through multiple spinal surgeries. I’ve had a fusion, I’ve had a disc resection, I’ve had five spinal surgeries and I know how difficult it is to try to heal and try to do other things: going to school, going to work.

My Family Helped Me, We’re Going to Help You

I had my family around me and without my family I don’t think I would have been successful at getting back on my feet. And here at Garfinkel Schwartz that’s what we’re here to help you to do.

You Heal and We’ll Fight the Insurance Companies

We’re your job: we help longshoremen and you only have one job. Your job isn’t to fight the insurance companies. It’s our job to help you and get you benefits. Insurers make their money by denying benefits. Here at Garfinkel Schwartz, we’re here to help one family at a time. We’re a family law firm.

This type of law has been in my family for multiple generations. My grandfather attorney John M. Schwartz was a extremely experienced attorney in the Longshore and Defense Base Act field. He practiced this type of law for over 40 years.

I have a lot of memories of going to family dinners with him, clients around, all calling each other by first names. We’re a very personable law firm and we know families help other families.

And that’s what we’re here to do. You’re not you as an individual your job only is to get better. We’re here to help guarantee that you get the benefits and you get the medical compensation that you deserve.

Longshoremen, Defense Contractors Get Their Rights

Right now I’m just a legal assistant to lead counsel Brian Wiklendt. Brian does everything in his power to make sure that these injured longshoremen and defense contractors get their legal rights.

We’re here to help provide justice against the big insurance companies. It’s one family fighting big corporations. And that’s our passion at Garfinkel Schwartz. We have a lot of experience and a lot of passion and I just wanted to say, I personally understand the plight and the difficulties and the suffering that one family has to go through.

We Lend Our Experience to Your Family

Because one individual in the family gets injured, it’s one family that has to suffer. And it’s the entire family that has to help out. And here at Garfinkel Schwartz we’re here to lend our experienced family, our family that helps fight for your family.

My name is Bennett Garfinkel, I’m a legal assistant here at Garfinkel Schwartz. We’re coming to you from our Maitland office in Central Florida near Orlando. We also have another office in Cocoa Beach, Florida which is where my grandfather an extremely experienced lawyer practiced Longshore and Defense Base Act law for over 30 years.

Attorney John M. Schwartz

He was attorney John M. Schwartz and he gave me the passion for helping one family and another. I’ve been through multiple spinal surgeries myself, I know how difficult it is for a family with an injured, injured individual fight these large insurance companies. But here at Garfinkel Schwartz our law firm is extremely experienced and well-versed in longshore and defense base act law.

We’ve been doing this type of law for over 30 years and our family just wants to help your family.

Thank you so much again for listening.