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We Travel to You Where You Live

Brian Wiklendt Life of a DBA attorney we travel to youHi this is Brian Wiklendt at Garfinkel Schwartz with a little travel log of places I’ve been to visit our clients. Watch “We Travel to You Where You Live,” on the Garfinkel Schwartz YouTube channel.

We do Defense Base Act law here and Longshore Act law which are federal laws and that means that our clients are scattered all across the country and across the world.

We Travel to You

We mention on our website that we do come to you and we meet you in person whenever we get a chance to. And we’ll always be there for depositions and major times that your case has to be adjudicated.

As an example I just wanted to let you know you know what my life is basically about these days.

Durham, Winston-Salem and Chapel Hill, North Carolina

A couple weeks ago I, we have we had depositions that were there were had to be taken in Winston-Salem North Carolina. We’re here in Maitland Florida and I live in Orlando. So I got a one-way ticket to Winston-Salem.

I prepped our client and then we had two neurosurgeon depositions in a two-day period so we had three depositions done.

I then figured that since I’m in North Carolina I might as well do some work to do some more business. So I went north from there from Winston-Salem to Durham North Carolina where I have a client.

We got to meet in person and I kind of prepared him for his independent medical exam that was coming up. Met some other people in Chapel Hill North Carolina that work on a military base and the woman was injured and she’s a client so I just touched base with them.

Charleston and Pawleys Island, South Carolina

They hadn’t met me in person yet. I had a mediation in Charleston South Carolina after that so basically you know I had a rental car and I drove. I saw my parents in Pawleys Island South Carolina.

Then I had mediation in Charleston and I met two other clients that also lived near the Charleston area.

Ponte Vedra, Orlando and Maitland, Florida; Wichita Kansas

I finished my trip up in Ponte Vedra Florida where I have a client that has a PTSD dog. Ponte Vedra is the location of K9s for Warriors and I got to visit with them a little bit.

And I came back to Orlando, had a nice time with my wife. And then next Monday I went to Wichita Kansas and we had a mediation that was settled and that was a nice trip.

So I got back and yesterday and I had a trial in Orlando which is a formal hearing with the federal judge in the federal courthouse.

I’m very happy and relieved that the holidays are coming up and I have some time to relax.

Next Stops: South Carolina, Waco and Austin, Texas

Middle of December I’ll be going to stop back to Charleston SC for a mediation. Then to Waco Texas and Austin Texas to visit with three other clients basically for depositions and for a mediation.

And so I’ll be back home and can’t wait to see what’s in store for the New Year. Thanks for reading about what Garfinkel Schwartz does. We appreciate it.

Again my name’s Brian Wiklendt with Garfinkel Schwartz. I’m here to help you wherever you may be. Thanks and take care.