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What is the Overall Value of My DBA Case?

Hi. This is Brian Wiklendt with Garfinkel Schwartz. I’m here at the Maitland Florida office. I’d like to talk to you about a Defense Base Act case in terms of what my clients always ask me is what is the overall value of my DBA case?

Overall Value of My DBA Case

Garfinkel Schwartz DBA law firm FloridaNow these claims are all individualized so it’s very difficult to tell you what the value of your case is until I know just about everything about you including what your medical history is.

  • And what’s your age?
  • What will your future medical endeavors be?
  • What kind of prescription medication you might have to take?

What treatment you might have to have for the rest of your life. And then there’s your Lack of Earning Capacity which is what job you could do now versus what job you can do before your injuries.

Now in this area of law which is very different than other areas of law this is complicated because I have a lot of clients that get involved in group type situations. Whether that be bombings accidents out on out on the range Humvees blowing up things like that.

One Case, 11 People, 11 Case Values

freedom is not freeI had one instance where there were eleven people that were involved in a bombing one way or another. They had various different jobs. They had various different DBA case values. Even though if they are all let’s say let’s just for example that they all have PTSD right now. Well there are different levels of PTSD. All these people may live in different areas of the country now.

There’s different treatment options there and their Lack of Earning Capacity could be completely different from one another based on:

1. What their experience level is
2. What their educational background is
3. What their skill set is
4. How tough the PTSD is to deal with
5. Whether or not they’re restricted to do certain jobs because they can’t be in crowds or loud noises or if they can’t work in the dark or they can’t work an eight hour day

Medical Care Factors into Case Value

All those above things take into consideration what the value of the claim is. So one person out of those eleven could be on prescription drug medication that costs $250 a month. Another person could be on medication that costs $10 a month or they could be just going to a psychiatrist for an hour-long treatment for $110 a month. Whereas another person could be doing heavy clinical treatment three times a week.

Case Values are Individualized

So the future medical expenses vary greatly also the value of the case varies greatly. So the best way I can explain what the value of the case is is it’s completely individualized and it takes a person that knows how to do this law that’s experienced in this law. Preferably a person like me that only does this law for a living to properly value your case.

Don’t Let Insurance Company Value Your Case

The worst thing you want in life is to have the insurance company value your case for you and you just accept what they say because their job is to minimize just about everything I just talked about.

So with that in mind please touch base with us any time you want. We’re always here whether that’s through e-mail or telephone. If we’re not here and it’s off hours and you experience an emergency you can always call.

We have a twenty-four answering service that can get in touch with us live any time. Again we’re here for you. This is what we like to do. We like to help people. We like to help people that are helping America. And if I can help in any way please don’t hesitate. Thank you very much for listening. Talk to you later. Thanks.