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What’s Helping People with PTSD?

Here’s What’s Helping People with PTSD

Garfinkel Schwartz helps clients who need medical care, surgeries, prescriptions, rehabilitation and helping people with PTSD is common. People from around the world who have experienced trauma, danger and constant or one-time horrific experiences can struggle with how to get through the challenges of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

No matter what happened to you or to someone you love, there are many organizations, doctors, therapists and care options available. This is a little background on a few programs and activities that have helped people with PTSD. There are many more and if there’s one that you have found helpful please send us an e-mail.

K9s for Warriors

K9s for Warriors is a Ponte Vedra, Florida, organization Garfinkel Schwartz has worked with to help clients receive a trained dog to help with the life issues associated with PTSD.

There are programs like K9s for Warriors across the country that either train rescued dogs or use specific breeds bred, raised and trained to become partners for owners who have PTSD.

K9s for Warriors rescues 95% of its dogs. A skilled staff trains and provides service dogs to aid people, comfort people, calm those with post-traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injury and other forms of trauma due to military service.

K9s for Warriors dogs are trained by certified canine handlers and trainers who are committed to helping Warriors from around the world return to civilian life successfully with the comfort and support of a trained canine by their side.

The process includes the new owner spending three weeks on-site to complete the training so that they’ll live successfully with their working dogs. The goal is to help warriors return comfortably to civilian life independently with dignity.

The 501(c)3 organization has provided companion canines to 236 people with PTSD since 2011. For more information call 904-686-1956.

Parrots as PTSD Partners

Serenity Park Parrot RescueSerenity Park Sanctuary is a parrot and bird rescue located in the Los Angeles VA Center that has opened its doors to veterans and others with PTSD and traumatic injuries.

The aviary rescue for parrots and exotic birds was founded by a psychologist who found that a bond could develop between people who have experienced trauma and rescued birds.

The Sanctuary provides the opportunity for people to hold, feed, talk to parrots and spend time healing together. The people and the parrots partner in each other’s care with treatment and progress programs for both.

Serenity has rescued parrots and birds for more than 20 years and welcomes veterans and those with traumatic injury to visit. Building 512 “Serenity Park” 11301 Wilshire Blvd Los Angeles CA 90073

Veteran with PTSD Finds Solace in Bowling

An Army veteran said that bowling has helped him break the cycle of isolation associated with PTSD.

Charleston, S.C. resident Donald Pinnacle began bowling after joining the Ralph H. Johnson VA Center for PSTD and other injuries several years ago. He was encouraged to try bowling as an activity.

Pinnacle has a knee and a back injury and PTSD and said that he does the best that he can every day. He worked on his bowling skills and participated in and was a champion at the National Veterans Golden Age games in bowling.