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Who We Help

Camp Speicher Iraq Defense Base AttorneyGarfinkel Schwartz represents a wide range of people who are covered by the protection of Defense Base Act law and Longshore and Harborworker Act law.

Clients have a range of terribly painful injuries, unknown illnesses that have occurred on the job whether on U.S. waterways or overseas working for defense contractors.

We will help anyone located across the United States who has worked anywhere in the world and who has lost medical compensation and care. We have offices in Maitland Florida and Cocoa Beach Florida but don’t let the distance from Florida concern you.

It doesn’t matter where you live because Garfinkel Schwartz will come to you where you live, where you feel comfortable. We will book a flight and travel to see you. We can talk with you whether you’re at home, in a hospital, where you’re recovering, with your family and friends, or alone in a confidential and private setting.

Start Here

Defense Base Act Attorney Maitland FlaFirst, we can talk with you 24 hours a day. E-mail us so we can answer your questions to find out what’s going on, what has happened, how you are feeling. We’ll also talk with you via video conferencing. We want to know what you’ve been through and want to help you get the medical treatment and care that you need.

Our next step is to book a flight and fly to meet with you.

We would like to be your legal resource and to help provide you access to medical research with a staff experienced in cutting through the red tape.

Defense Base Act law, Longshore and Harborworkers Compensation Act law, these areas of law are passions for us because we have seen how the denial of medical treatments and denial of compensation can devastate an individual or a family.

“Sometimes it’s a great challenge to get procedures authorized much less surgeries authorized or different types of doctors authorized,” Alan Garfinkel said. “And that’s what really we are fantastic at. You know we really think outside the box. Our whole approach is certainly not cookie cutter.”

We dive into the medical records. If you are a member of the longshoremen’s union, work in a shipyard or port on boats or on federally governed U.S. waters and you’re hurt, your union is going to help you. People in the Titusville and Cocoa Beach Florida area have worked with our firm after having hurt their back moving cargo, or injuring a limb on the docks of Port Canaveral. They may refer you to us and tell you to consider calling Garfinkel Schwartz.

Loved Ones Injured? Call With Your Questions

Defense Base Act Law Attorney deposition Maitland Florida clientWe have a 24-hour answering service that is answered live when we are in the office. In general from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST Monday through Friday.

We often call back in 10 minutes if we get the message during work hours. Otherwise, please help us by leaving your number and contact information.

All of your information is confidential and your private discussion with us, our staff cannot and will not be shared. We just need to know where to return the call, know if you need immediate help or if you have general questions. Call 1-800-393-2999.

We Help Clients Across the Country

If you’re not in Florida and you have a loved one who was injured all the way across the world, hurt on the job while working security in Iraq and you have questions about their situation you can call us too.

If you know they’re on their way home after having worked for a defense contractor, you can call us. If you’re tryingto help them and you know they need a lawyer to talk to them, call us. If someone you know had medical care but they were turned down for medical claims by the insurance companies, we want to try to help you help them.

If you’re a civilian working for the military, employed by the military but you’ve been injured and sent home and then denied medical care and compensation from your employer, you shouldstart by reaching out to begin getting help.

What Can We Do for You If You’re Injured

Iraq sandstorm Defense Base Act AttorneyLet’s just say that at some point in time you are injured on the job, you hurt your back. You’re working overseas in Iran building helicopters. Your employer has cooperated. You went through your treatments they paid for all your treatments.

Then, at the end the doctor said there is nothing more you can do you’re are just going to have chronic back pain for the rest of your life.

You can’t do the work that you’ve always known to do on a helicopter. Not only that, your benefits ran out and they tell you that if you can’t build ships, or do your old job, you can’t work for them anymore.

Even in another situation. Let’s say you’re in Afghanistan and you hurt your shoulder being shot at in a gunfire attack. You can’t work because your nerves are permanently damaged. So if you’re a helicopter mechanic you can’t be a helicopter mechanic anymore because the nerve damage in your arm is permanent.

It’s Going to Go Badly, Eventually

What they’re going to do is they’re going to try–through their insurance company–every possible way that they can think of to try to dilute your benefits as they are being paid currently.

And it’s going to happen–whether that happens three months from now or six months from now, a year from now. As soon as you’re released from care from your doctor that’s what they start doing.

They are your employer. The one who hired you to go into a dangerous situation and told you that you were covered for everything by the insurance that they’ve taken out by law to protect you.

The insurers immediately start trying to find jobs that you’re qualified to do to lower your lack of earning capacity. It may not be the job you want, you may think that it’s beneath you and the insurers are going to try to force you to take it.

Garfinkel Schwartz will be able to tell you whether or not this is your only choice.

What if You Don’t?

Let’s say that you don’t call us. Someday, without the aid of a lawyer, someday you’re just going to get a check for half of what it used to be.

Your weekly check used to be $1,200 from the time when you got home until now. Payments were on time.

All of a sudden your check is just zapped for $600 but they don’t notify you about that. You just look at it and you’re wondering what on earth happened?

This is what happened. Your employer filed something with the department of labor just basically stating that there is a labor market survey out there. That they found all these jobs that you could possibly do based on your qualifications.

And you can take these jobs instead of taking benefits and you could functionally do them so they’re are holding that against you and trying to force you into it.

Even if you don’t take the job all they do is to prove to a judge that you are capable of doing the job physically and that you’re capable of doing it in terms of your experience. Bingo. That will be your new job title. And it’s always one day, all of a sudden and they don’t have to give you any explanation.

Or they might even tell you and cut you off directly from medical and financial benefits.

If you’re working for a defense contractor or are a longshoreman, we want to work with you to stop this from happening. Just don’t get comfortable. The insurance companies are not in the business of kindness and support. They’re in the financial industry and are in business to deny claims that take money out of their bank accounts. They’re not successful if they’re paying out claims to people. Insurance company success is measured in denials.

Their Doctors Can Hurt You

They can even hire their own doctor to look at you for a medical examination. That doctor could examine you and all the records and say you’re fully capable of going back to work.

Right now.

That you have no permanent or true restrictions. When they say that and they say you can go back to the job you had before but you physically or psychologically are unable to do so, you get cut off, you get zero.

Then, the checks just stop coming and you’re not even part of the process. You don’t even have your say or your word. And whether that’s good enough or whether they’re allow to do that or not. It can happen. It happens all the time.

You Already Have an Attorney

So let’s say you have a family friend, an acquaintance or someone who is an attorney with whom you have decided to work. Even if you have an attorney, he or she has to enter an appearance on your behalf even if everything is going well.

But when that time comes when something is going to go very badly wrong, you need to know that you have an attorney who really knows how to immediately interject and ask for an informal conference from the department of labor to try to get your benefits reinstated or to try to get whatever pills or any type of medication or medical procedures that they’re going to start denying.

Garfinkel Schwartz can help you when these bad things begin happening so that we can prepare you for it and make you aware that something is going to be declined or denied by the insurance company and they’re going to try not to give you a check. That happens all the time. But we’ll not leave you hanging wondering what to do. We won’t just tell you, we’ll get to work on it.

That’s a benefit for people to just sign up even if they don’t know or think that they have problems. If you are just injured and still in the hospital and you think that they are being great and you’re being treated really well. All of it can end in an instant.

Don’t let this happen to you. You need to have someone already there who knows everything about your file and can act on your behalf as soon as something bad happens. Garfinkel Schwartz is not going to leave you to figure things out alone.

There are just a lot of different things that can happen to people and they’re alleviated by the hiring of an attorney that doesn’t cost them anything. We’re paid by the insurance companies and while that sounds odd, it means that we make them pay. We fight for you and we fight the insurers to force them by law to do the right thing for you and by as established by law.

We Remember and Honor Civilian Contractors 

We understand that you feel that you are the forgotten ones across the world working basically in support of the United States government in some fashion. You’re not included in the military. Even the military are completely forgotten souls sometimes.

But when you get injured you’re not treated like military personnel. You don’t have the benefits to the V.A. You don’t have their pay that continue while you’re injured like the military personnel do.

The only things you have are basically this Defense Base Act, a federal law that protects you. It’s all you have to protect you and you don’t have any support from Veterans Affairs. There are no large entities to help protect you. You don’t have anyone to help lobby for you. You don’t even have, the U.S. Department of Labor keeping record as to how many people are injured and whether they received proper care or not

They do have to take those statistics for military personnel. But they don’t and they won’t keep records on injured civilian workers under government contract. They rely on employers to do this and there is no one to enforce it.

We’re Here for You

You are not alone in this fight. From the first day that you call Garfinkel Schwartz will fight to get all the medical treatment and money you are due. Our fees are paid by the employer if we win. If we lose, you owe nothing. Don’t get lulled into submission. Be aware. Stay alert. Learn from us what can be done to protect yourself from your employer and from the insurance companies.