Do You Charge Lawyers’ Fees?

Some injured employees may not hire a lawyer since they are afraid of the high fees. One of the most beneficial aspects of the Defense Base Act (DBA) is the fact that injured employees, or their family members, do not have to pay any lawyers’ fees.


Yes, DBA lawyers do receive fees. However, unlike other fields of law, under the Defense Base Act, an attorney is not allowed to take a certain percentage of client’s settlement amount. The final fees and costs associated with the claim must be approved by a judge at the end of each case. The final fees and costs are then paid by the insurance companies. Watch our video for more information.


When we accept any DBA case, we take a huge risk. While we have a very good record in winning and finalizing DBA cases, there might be circumstances that a case can be unsuccessful. In such cases, our clients do not have to reimburse us for any expenses or time spent on their case. Garfinkel Schwartz even goes as far as to pay for a client’s initial medical assessment.


The majority of DBA disputes emerge as a result of an insurance company withholding payments in full or in part. If a case is settled, the insurance company must pay the lawyers’ fees and expenses for both their own lawyers and the attorney for the injured claimant.

Once we win the case, all our fees are paid separately without deducting them from your settlement. Garfinkel Schwartz takes all the financial risk to help you.

If you are injured on duty, and even before you are deployed overseas, you can always contact Garfinkel Schwartz Law Firm and send us your questions. We have a 24-hour line (+1) 800-393-2999 available for you to call us at any time. We will get back to you as soon as possible.